HS counselor 'ecstatic' about FDA's proposed e-cig rules



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Posted on April 24, 2014 at 7:12 PM

LACEY, Wash. -- Potential regulations to the e-cigarette industry are being celebrated at Lacey's South Sound High School.

"I'm ecstatic," said school counselor Patty May.

May has seen the number of students who use e-cigarettes climb in recent years.

"It's a gimmick, a new thing, a gadget. And they love it," said May.

She estimates half of the students at the alternative high school use some form of nicotine.

She said many e-cigarette users don't consider themselves nicotine users.

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May is glad the FDA is looking at banning sales for minors, prohibiting free samples and requiring health warning labels for e-cigarette products.

"I use an e-cigarette every, single day," said Joe Gylys, a junior at South Sound High School.

Gylys said he started smoking regular cigarettes as a freshman and switched to lower-nicotine e-cigarettes as a way to quit.

He said despite state law banning sales to those under 18, he has no problem buying e-cigarette products.

"Simple as 1-2-3," said Gylys, "Open the door, go get it."

He knows fellow students who first smoked e-cigarettes because of the fruity flavors and because they think it's a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

He feels healthier, but now finds himself addicted to the e-cigarette.

Gylys said he hopes new regulations will make it harder for minors to get hooked on any kind of nicotine.

"I've literally been thinking about it for the last week and a half," said Gylys, "Snapping my e-cig in half."