Mayor of Pacific lashes out against critics



Posted on July 9, 2012 at 5:46 AM

It's a small town with big problems that seem to be getting worse. On Friday city leaders learned Pacific will lose its insurance without big changes soon.

The political turmoil in the community has been no secret, with many pointing the finger at Mayor Cy Sun.

We caught up with him as he was working in his garage at home.

"I'm in the process of reorganizing now,” he said.

Sun says he's working on an agreement with the City of Auburn to utilize their professional staff.  He thinks that would be enough to satisfy the insurance company

"All I have to do is get into a inter local agreement and everything will be straightened out,” he said.
But council members are not sure Sun's plan will work.

"We can come up with inter local agreements but some of the positions are union protected so we would have to reach an agreement with the union as well,” said council member Gary Hulsey

The turmoil at city hall has trickled out onto the streets, where some members of the community are talking about a recall.

A group called Restore Pacific Now met this weekend. They say they're hoping to get something on the ballot.

Sun says he's not concerned.

:I'm not afraid of being recalled, in fact I prefer my opposition recall me, I'm not going to resign because I owe the people an obligation  and I'm going to live up to it,’ he said.

Some council members say they understand he wants to make changes but they're worried it's all gone too far.

"There's a difference between cleaning house and tearing the house down he's tearing the house down,” said Rachel Kringle