Federal Way woman didn't know she was pregnant




Posted on August 7, 2011 at 6:16 PM

Updated Monday, Aug 8 at 3:41 PM

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Mercedes and Elvin welcome their newest bundle of joy. A healthy 8 pound baby boy named Ryder.

At only 24 hours old Ryder has already taken his mom and dad for a wild ride.

"He's a very big surprise!"

For Mercedes, the ride started with a trip to the bathroom.

"I just sat in the bathroom because I thought I really had to go," she said.
"She said it was gas pains and cramps," said Elvin."I thought well, work it out!"

A few painfully uncomfortable moments later, Ryder was born on the bathroom floor.

"Literally it was my water broke, he fell out and I grabbed him by a foot right as he was about to fall on the ground," said Mercedes.

She went on to say it was only at that moment that she realized what had been happening to her.

"Right then when the baby was coming out absolutely,” she said.

How could she not know? Mercedes says it's simple, she doesn't have regular periods and then there's that recent trip to the doctor.

"I thought I had a bladder infection, you know I was going to the bathroom so frequently and she said there was nothing wrong with my bladder," she said.

A post baby shower is in order and they've still got to figure out where Ryder will sleep.

"I think it's almost better this way because it was such an unexpected surprise it was a present," said Mercedes.

"I feel kinda gypped!" says Elvin. "I need the 9 months to prepare!"

But overall they're both glad, it wasn't just gas.