Everett man chases mugger, nearly dies



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Posted on October 3, 2012 at 11:05 PM

EVERETT, Wash. --  Larry McLynne did not wake up Wednesday morning planning to save a life, but that is just what the Everett man did.

McLynne was in his apartment off of Evergreen Way when he heard a commotion. “I heard a guy yelling someone stole my wife’s purse,” he said.

What followed was an unusual chain of events which would have McLynne wind up a reluctant hero, and Everett Police looking for a purse snatcher nearly led a 69 year old on a chase to his death.
Police say the man, whose name they did not release, walked to the local Safeway with his wife. When they came out of the store, a teen grabbed the woman’s purse and ran.  The man gave chase.
That’s when McLynne and his neighbors heard the ruckus.  “I mean it was amazing,” McLynne recounted, “the whole apartment almost emptied after this guy.”
One of McLynne’s neighbors got his hands on the teen.  During a brief struggle he was able to pull off the young man’s shirt, hoodie and backpack.  The thief though, made a daring jump over a chain link fence and got away.
McLynne says while everyone was watching the suspect, they didn’t notice the husband had collapsed. “We rolled him over and he wasn’t breathing,” McLynne said.
“His eyes were rolled back up in his head, so the only thing I could do was give him CPR,” he said.
McLynne admits he never had any formal training, but he remembered a series of television ads which showed how to perform chest compressions.  McLynne kept pumping until a police officer took over.
By the time medics were on the scene, the husband was back from the brink. “It was unbelievable,” McLynne said, “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”
Larry McLynne did not wake up thinking he’d be a hero, but that is exactly what he has become. “I don’t know, the man came through it and lived,” he said.  “It is not something I brag about but it was incredible.
Not a bad day after all.