Cancer patient helps nab bank robber



Posted on August 7, 2013 at 6:43 PM

Treacy Frye believes you can’t whitewash the world’s problems. They must be confronted, and sometimes it’s up to you to do it.

“You can have all the police you want, all the firemen you want, but if you don’t look out for one another you got nothing. We don’t have a community,” he said Wednesday.
Frye is a humble painter for the Everett Housing Authority. He loves his job because he gets to make people’s lives a bit brighter, but he ran into trouble Tuesday.
Or should we say, trouble ran into him.

“Boom! I could hear a thud and I was like, ‘Whoa! What was that?!’” he recalled.

Frye was heading to lunch when a man suspected of robbing a Wells Fargo bank on Broadway in Everett literally ran into his truck. When Frye saw a mob of men running after 30-year-old Joseph Pike, the Gulf War vet went into mission mode.

“I’ll be the first one to help you out, but I’ll be the first one to ‘give it to you’ when you need it,” he said.

Frye drove onto the sidewalk and cut the suspect off, pinning him against a fence while three other men tackled him and held him down. The robber was allegedly armed with a 16-inch butcher knife and carrying the money in a wicker basket.

“At that point the money was all over the ground,” said Frye. “The basket was on the ground. I just started picking it up and putting it in the basket.”

Frye didn’t get a reward, but he says that will come if others hear his story and decide to get involved in their communities. The 44-year-old Army veteran not only suffers from PTSD, but is battling leukemia. He believes whether it’s a sick neighbor or a bank robber, it’s important to leave your mark on those around you.

“Some of this stuff is your business and you need to take part because if you don’t, your community is going to deteriorate,” he said.

Pike is held on $250,000 bail right now for allegedly trying to steal a total of $420.

“I’ve been a crime victim myself, so I don’t have much sympathy,” said Frye. “But this 30 year old guy has thrown his life away. What if someone in the community had reached out to him?”