Top Pot Doughnut enjoying sweet taste of presidential surprise



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Posted on October 22, 2010 at 7:32 AM

SEATTLE --A local donut shop is still enjoying a Presidential surprise.

The Top Pot Doughnut shop in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood was paid a visit Thursday by President Barack Obama. The president was on the campaign trail stumping for Senator Patty Murray.

Customers and employees got quite a surprise when the president stepped into the shop.

President Obama ordered a seasonal donut - the pumpkin old-fashioned donut, thanks to the recommendation of the barista.

"This is outstanding. You can't eat this every day," said Obama.

Owners described it as tasting like a Thanksgiving dessert rolled into a donut.

President Obama and Senator Murray wanted something sweet before heading to big "Get Out The Vote Rally" at the University of Washington yesterday, where he talked about jobs and the economy.

Overnight, Top Pot Doughnut churned out extra donuts, in anticipation that people would be lining-up to try the donut the President picked.

Top Pot opened its doors at 6:00 a.m, Friday, and customers were there. One man bought two dozen of the pumpkin old fashions.

The owners are grateful for the high-profile publicity. They’re sending the president a reminder of his visit.

"President is welcome, his whole family is welcome anytime they come back to Seattle,” said Top Pot Doughnut co-founder Mark Klebeck. “And, we will make them; we will be sending them pumpkin old-fashion donuts tomorrow."