Woman takes on body shop over car damage


by Jesse Jones / KING 5 News

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Posted on May 29, 2014 at 11:19 PM

Updated Friday, May 30 at 11:57 AM

Kandi Buckner-Persson’s most prized possession is her 2011 Chevy Camaro.  When she bought it last summer it was in almost perfect condition except for the bumper.

“It was a very small crack, it looked like someone had hit a curb with it,” explained Buckner-Persson.

The dealership sent Buckner-Persson to Smokey Point Customs for the body work.  It was a $500 repair that took just a few days.

But when she picked up her car, “There was white paint sprayed on everything,” explained Buckner-Persson.

Buckner-Persson also found chips in the paint of the engine block and buff marks.  She says she tried to contact Smokey Point Collision and its owner David Bredman but never got a response.  So she the car into another repair shop to get a quote for the additional damage.

“I was told they did such a horrible job with the bumper it can't be repaired it must be replaced,” said Buckner-Persson.

That's when Kandi took her fight to small claims court where she won a $2,700 judgment against Smokey Point Customs.  The business had until the end of December to pay in full.  However, by April Kandi had only received two $50 payments.  So she asked me to get involved.  I stopped by to talk to the shop owner.

“We don't have the money to pay her fully and I can show you.  I've been making payments to her,” said Bredman.

Bredman told me he'd sent Kandi four payments.  He later changed that to three.  Interestingly enough, the third check was sent the same day I stopped by.  David says part of the problem is that Kandi has made this fight personal.

“She sits in front our place picketing.  She's picketing a slowed down business, it's not going to help her get back her money quicker by picketing stuff,” explained Bredman.

David told me he would pay Kandi monthly but it's been more than 30 days and Kandi hasn't seen any more money.  When I called David today he told me he’d send her more cash soon.

“I didn't just pay them to do a job.  I put my trust in them, my dreams were in their hands for four days and that I would get it back better than I brought it in there and that didn't happen,” said Buckner-Persson.