Recovery of lost jobs by states, at a glance


Associated Press

Posted on July 3, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Updated Thursday, Jul 3 at 12:01 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States in May finally recovered all the jobs lost to the Great Recession. But 32 states still don't have as many jobs as they did when the recession officially began in December 2007. The rankings from best to worst:

PlaceJobs in December 2007Jobs in May 2014Percentage change
North Dakota362,000462,00027.6 percent
Texas10.53 million11.53 million9.5 percent
Washington D.C.700,100749,3007.0 percent
Alaska318,000339,9006.9 percent
Utah1.27 million1.33 million4.7 percent
Colorado2.35 million2.44 million4.0 percent
Oklahoma1.61 million1.66 million3.2 percent
West Virginia760,000783,1003.0 percent
Massachusetts3.31 million3.40 million2.8 percent
New York8.77 million9.01 million2.7 percent
South Dakota408,300419,0002.6 percent
Nebraska968,200986,7001.9 percent
Louisiana1.94 million1.97 million1.7 percent
Minnesota2.77 million2.82 million1.6 percent
Washington3 million3.04 million1.6 percent
Iowa1.52 million1.55 million1.6 percent
Montana446,500453,3001.5 percent
Maryland2.61 million2.62 million0.2 percent
California15.42 million15.45 million0.2 percent
United States138.35 million138.46 million0.1 percent
Kansas1.39 million1.38 million-0.2 percent
Vermont308,500307,900-0.2 percent
Tennessee2.81 million2.80 million-0.2 percent
New Hampshire650,500648,500-0.3 percent
Pennsylvania5.81 million5.80 million-0.3 percent
Virginia3.78 million3.77 million-0.4 percent
Wyoming294,100292,800-0.4 percent
Indiana3 million2.97 million-0.6 percent
Hawaii628,000623,900-0.7 percent
South Carolina1.95 million1.93 million-0.8 percent
Wisconsin2.88 million2.86 million-0.8 percent
Delaware440,800436,600-1.0 percent
Oregon1.74 million1.72 million-1.0 percent
Kentucky1.87 million1.85 million-1.0 percent
North Carolina4.17 million4.12 million-1.1 percent
Missouri2.8 million2.77 million-1.3 percent
Arkansas1.21 million1.19 million-1.5 percent
Georgia4.17 million4.1 million-1.6 percent
Maine620,700610,300-1.7 percent
Idaho656,500644,100-1.9 percent
Rhode Island487,800477,600-2.1 percent
Florida7.93 million7.76 million-2.1 percent
Ohio5.42 million5.3 million-2.2 percent
Connecticut1.71 million1.67 million-2.3 percent
Michigan4.25 million4.12 million-2.8 percent
Illinois6 million5.8 million-3.1 percent
Mississippi1.16 million1.12 million-3.2 percent
New Jersey4.08 million3.93 million-3.6 percent
New Mexico849,100812,800-4.3 percent
Alabama2.01 million1.91 million-5.0 percent
Arizona2.68 million2.54 million-5.2 percent
Nevada1.29 million1.22 million-6.0 percent

Source: U.S. Labor Department.