Seattle shows support for Boston after suspect's capture



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Posted on April 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM

The miles separating Boston and Seattle seemed to disappear when news broke about the bombing suspect's capture.  People here breathed a big sigh of relief, much like they did in Massachusetts, and looked for ways to show their support.

At Saint James Cathedral, that meant dedicating Friday night's service to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

"We do what we do best as people of faith," Father Ryan told the crowd.  "We pray.  We pray for the victims, the three who lost their lives at the marathon on Monday, we pray for the people of Boston, we pray for an end to terrorism and violence, and yes, we pray for the two young men who perpetrated this horrific deed."

Most in the crowd didn't have an immediate connection to Boston.  They just felt compelled to be there, and say this week's events touched them in a way they never expected.

"Just to be together, this is like being at that memorial service in Boston for me," said Cathy Hubunet. 

Just a few blocks away, at Spitfire Bar in Seattle, a different kind of celebration was taking place.

The bar is a gathering place for Boston sports fans, and the spot they usually celebrate a win by the Red Sox or the New England Patriots.

They say this victory is so much bigger.

"I mean, as much as they are mourning those deaths, they're definitely celebrating," Dan Lee said of his friends and family in Boston.  "You don't mess with Boston."

Lee is a Boston native and says the past few days have been extremely tough.

"I went to to the marathon as a kid," he said.  "Being from Massachusetts, it's a big part of it.  It hits home."

As for Friday's news that the final suspect was brought into custody alive, he says it comes as a huge relief to everyone in his hometown.

"To get him alive and to get some answers is the best possible scenario there could be," he said.