Loved ones mourn Oso firefighter's wife



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Posted on March 25, 2014 at 5:26 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 26 at 9:46 AM

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- KING 5 shared earlier this week the story of an Oso firefighter’s wife and four-month-old granddaughter were among the missing. We are sad to report loved ones tell KING 5 the grandmother, 45-year-old Christina Jefferds, has been confirmed dead. We’re learning more about her as the search for the baby continues.

There is a void at the Marysville Dentist’s office where Jefferds worked.

“Her desk is empty, yeah. It’s a constant reminder,” said Jefferds.

It’s an empty chair and an unending heartache that no amount of flowers, condolences or kind words can heal.

“She’s just a wonderful person - caring, giving, loving,” said Dr. Kelly Peterson.

Christina Jefferds worked as the office manager at Peterson’s dental practice for more than 20 years. She was babysitting her four-month-old granddaughter Sanoah on Saturday morning when the landslide came down on their Steelhead Drive home.

Her firefighter husband and adult daughter, Sanoah’s mom, have been searching for the pair ever since.

“And I imagine them caked with the same earth that swallowed up their family members,” said Peterson, family friend.

But the search for Chris, as those in Dr. Kelly Peterson’s office often called her, came to an end sometime Sunday, their fears confirmed.

“When you’re in this biz you know that from time to time there will be occasions where authorities come by and ask for  records to identify somebody, but you don’t think it’s going to be one your own,” said Dr. Peterson, wiping away the tears. “So we kind of knew.”

There’s no word yet on baby Sanoah, but they know she has to be somewhere in the debris and close to where her grandmother was found.

“She just loved that child, she loved that child,” said Peterson. “They’re just one story. There are hundreds I’m sure."

And a family in Oso will never be the same.

“And I think she’d probably say, ‘I’m ok. I’m ok. I’ve got Sanoah.  I’ll take care of her - please take care of my daughter,’” said Peterson.

In addition to their family members, Seth Jefferds and his stepdaughter Natasha Huestis lost everything they own in the landslide. A fund has been set up to help the fund. You can donate to the Huestis/Jefferds relief fund at any KeyBank.