Art gallery features 'Black Lives Matter' exhibit

Natalie Swaby reports

SEATTLE - Aramis Hamer uses her canvas to spark conversation, and her paint brush to protest injustice.

"I feel I am not able to do as much in a march as I can in a painting," said Hamer. "I feel my voice could be heard in more volumes in the images I am able to create."

That's why Hamer didn't hesitate when she heard about a special art show at Columbia City Gallery, an artists-run collective. She applied and so did more than 100-artists from across the country.

"We ended up with 21 pieces," said Curator Naomi Ishisaka.

The chosen artwork provides different points of view on the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. It is a meaningful message for Hamer who painted a picture inspired by a case out of Cleveland, Ohio.

"Tamir Rice, that was the young boy that was murdered for having a toy gun in the park."

She said she wanted to capture the 12-year-old's youth as well as what she sees as the reality.

"The little boy is wearing a bullet proof vest just considering the times that we are in," said Hamer.

The art show opened to a packed house this past weekend.

"It was so beautiful to see. And I think it speaks to the fact that people actually care about this and it is something we can make some change around," said Ishisaka.

"I think it is spectacular. I think it is one of our best shows ever. I am really proud of it," said Tina Albro with Columbia City Gallery.

As for Hamer, she wants to send a powerful message.

"What I want people to take from it is that it is real, it is here today, and change really starts with us," said Hamer.

The exhibit runs through mid-May. Columbia City Gallery is open Wednesday - Sunday.


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