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Posted on March 26, 2013 at 2:00 PM

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court suggested it could find a way out of the case over California's ban on same-sex marriage without issuing a major national ruling on whether America's gays have a right to marry. Several justices, including some liberals who seemed open to gay marriage, raised doubts during a riveting 80-minute argument that the case should even be before them. And Justice Anthony Kennedy, the potentially decisive vote on a closely divided court, suggested that the court could dismiss it with no ruling at all. By Mark Sherman.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A new report says costs for medical claims will rise more than 60 percent in California once the Affordable Care Act kicks in fully next year, a potential harbinger of higher premiums for those buying individual insurance policies through the state's health care exchange. The higher costs will be driven largely by a pool of sicker patients coming into the insurance system. The report does not apply to group health plans purchased by most employers. By Judy Lin.


— BC-US--Health Overhaul Costs and BC-US--Health Overhaul Costs-States.


DALLAS — A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the Los Angeles Police Department should be able to obtain the decades-old taped conversations between a Manson family disciple and his attorney. U.S. District Judge Richard A. Schell of Plano wrote in an order Sunday that Charles "Tex" Watson waived his right to attorney-client privilege when he allowed his lawyer to sell the eight cassette tapes to an author nearly 40 years ago for a book about the convicted murderer's life. By Danny Robbins. AP Photo.


— MANSON-CELL PHONE — A follower of Charles Manson has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a cell phone inside a California prison where the mass murderer is housed, authorities said Tuesday.



SACRAMENTO — City officials are set to consider a financing deal for a new arena for the NBA Kings, as the city tries to keep the team from moving to Seattle. The package expected to go before the City Council would use parking fees to help pay for the cost of the new $447 million arena. By Tracie Cone.

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SAN FRANCISCO — The historic Golden Gate Bridge will take a more modern approach to collecting tolls when it becomes the first California span to replace all human toll takers with an automated system. By Jason Dearen.

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SAN FRANCISCO — More than two years after a gas pipeline explosion killed eight people in a San Francisco suburb, a California utility says it has finished implementing seven of federal investigators' 12 recommendations to fix its network. By Garance Burke.


SAN FRANCISCO — Student enrollment at California's community colleges has fallen dramatically in recent years as campuses slashed teaching staffs and course offerings in response to unprecedented cuts in state funding, according to a new report. By Terence Chea.


— CAR IN RIVER-911 CALL — A dramatic 911 call captures the terror of a woman who died after she was trapped in her car as it sank in the Sacramento River.

— AG TEACHER SEX — A California high school teacher charged with having a longtime sexual affair with an underage student has been sentenced to five years of probation and five months in jail.

— LANCASTER'S PRAYERS — A federal appeals court says council members in a Southern California city can open their meetings with a prayer.



CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The SpaceX Dragon capsule returned to Earth on Tuesday with a full science load from the International Space Station — and a bunch of well-used children's Legos. The privately owned cargo ship splashed down in the Pacific right on target, 250 miles off the coast of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, five hours after leaving the orbiting lab. The California-based SpaceX confirmed the Dragon's safe arrival via Twitter. "Special delivery! Dragon now being recovered in the Pacific," the company said in a tweet. By Aerospace Writer Marcia Dunn.

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LOS ANGELES — The daughter of former astronaut Mark Kelly was walking her dog Shiner on Goff Island Beach when the dog bolted, ripping the leash from her hand and fatally attacking a beached baby sea lion. Video showed the owner and two other women struggling several minutes in vain to pull the dog off the sea lion. As his daughter screamed and cried, Kelly arrived and grabbed the collar. He shook the dog's head until it released the bloodied mammal, which later died. By Sue Manning.

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Ramon Llamas was taking his usual hike on busy Mount Rubidoux when his dog, Mole, began whimpering and tugging at his leg. "He was talking to me in his language, he was pulling me from my pants to go down and see the hole," the Riverside man told KTTV-TV. The puzzled Llamas turned back up the dirt trail he'd been using. The dog led him off the path to some rocks. In a crack between the boulders was the thin, dirty face of a man who may have been trapped there for days without food or water.

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LOS ANGELES — A 9-year-old girl who survived a rollover crash is out of a Southern California hospital and has described on video how she hiked more than a mile to find help for her father, who was later found dead. Celia Renteria spoke from a hospital bed about how she hiked to a nearby house after crawling out of the mangled SUV at the bottom of a rugged canyon. By Christopher Weber.

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— LANCASTER'S PRAYERS — A federal appeals court says members of a Southern California city council can open their meetings with a prayer.

— LOUISIANA FUGITIVE — Los Angeles police have arrested a convict who escaped from a women's prison in Louisiana where she was serving time for manslaughter.



NEW YORK — T-Mobile USA said it will start offering the iPhone 5 on April 12, filling what its CEO said was "a huge void" in its phone lineup. By Peter Svensson.


CALABASAS, Calif. — Sheriff's deputies investigate a neighbor's allegation of battery against pop star Justin Bieber during an argument at his home Tuesday.


LOS ANGELES — In the heyday of "American Idol," the notion that it could fall ratings victim to a zombie slugfest or standard crime drama would have been laughable. "Idol" has slipped 20 percent in the ratings for the season so far, continuing last year's trend. But there's life and commercial dollars left in Fox's singing contest. By Television Writer Lynn Elber.

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SAN FRANCISCO — With the launch of the Wii U, the impending arrival of the Play Station 4 and the likelihood of a new Xbox on the horizon, the next generation of game consoles is nearly here. However, with more than half of the attendees at this week's Game Developers Conference planning to release their next creation for smartphones and tablets, the question on designers' minds isn't "What's next?" but "Who cares?" By Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang.

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TAMPA, Fla. — The trade sending outfielder Vernon Wells from the Los Angeles Angels to the New York Yankees has been finalized. New York dealt a pair of minor leaguers to the Angels on Tuesday for Wells: outfielder Exircado Cayones and left-hander Kramer Sneed. The Angels will pay about $28.5 million of the $42 million Wells is owed over the final two seasons of his contract.

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Ohio State and Arizona will play in the semifinal of the West Region, not too much of a surprise with the talent on those two rosters. The other semifinal features two teams few expected to get this far: Wichita State and La Salle. Of course, the way things have gone so far in the NCAA tournament, particularly the West Region, maybe it should have been expected. By Basketball Writer John Marshall.


Ohio State guard Aaron Craft can take over a game without touching the ball, a defensive menace who can shut down the opposing team's best perimeter. Arizona's Nick Johnson has a similar kind of defensive mindset, which should create an interesting matchup when their teams meet in the West Region semifinals on Thursday. By Basketball Writer John Marshall.


The latest edition of BracketRacket includes a social media bracket, a touching moment between competitors and a little dance called the Larranaga Shuffle. Oh, and we've got Dickie V and his new rival, dolphins. Not the Dolphins, just dolphins. By Basketball Writer John Marshall.


UCLA men's volleyball coach John Speraw is introduced as the new coach of the U.S. men's national team in the run-up to the 2016 Olympics. By Anne M. Peterson

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