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Posted on January 22, 2013 at 9:30 PM

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— INAUGURATION-BEYONCE-LIP-SYNC — Did she or didn't she? Beyonce questioned about lip syncing national anthem at inauguration.

— COMMANDER CLEARED — US Afghan commander cleared by Pentagon in Petraeus case involving emails to civilian woman.

— UN-NORTH KOREA — UN Security Council condemns North Korea's rocket launch, expands existing UN sanctions.

— DIPLOMATIC SECURITY — House GOP's deletion of embassy security measure from Sandy storm relief bill irks Democrats.

— PENN STATE-ABUSE — Victim 6 in Sandusky sex abuse case files federal lawsuit against him, his charity, Penn State.

— NOTRE DAME-TE'O-HOAX PHOTO — Woman whose photo was used in Te'o hoax: Tuiasosopo apologized, confessed.

— PENN STATE-PATERNO — Vigil scheduled for 7 p.m.



WASHINGTON — Republican leaders scramble for votes on a measure that would let the government keep borrowing until at least mid-May, giving up for now on trying to win spending cuts from Democrats in return. But the respite would be only temporary, with major battles still to come between the GOP and President Barack Obama over taxes, spending and deficits. By Andrew Taylor.

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JERUSALEM — In a stunning setback, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hard-line bloc fares worse than expected in a parliamentary election, exit polls show, possibly forcing the incumbent Israeli leader to invite surprisingly strong moderate rivals into his government and soften his line toward the Palestinians. By Josef Federman.

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— ISRAEL-ELECTION-Q&A — Exit polls indicate that Israel's hard-line camp weakened, but Netanyahu to remain premier.


WASHINGTON — More than 6 in 10 Americans now favor allowing illegal immigrants to eventually become U.S. citizens, a major increase in support driven by a turnaround in Republicans' opinion after the 2012 elections. The finding comes as Republicans seek to increase their meager support among Latino voters and as President Obama makes immigration changes a centerpiece of his second-term agenda. By Erica Werner and Dennis Junius.

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TOPEKA, Kan. — Abortion opponents mark the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision with workshops, prayers and calls for more laws to limit the rights established by the Supreme Court. Many in the movement look to Kansas, one of several states with Republican governors and GOP-controlled Legislatures that have imposed tough new restrictions. Abortion-rights groups observe a quieter anniversary — a reflection of the reality that it's far rarer for lawmakers to expand access to abortion. By John Hanna.

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— ROE V WADE-STATES — Republican legislatures across the country aim for new abortion limits as Roe v. Wade turns 40.


DIABALY, Mali — Abou Zeid, the feared emir of one of al-Qaida's most successful cells, commandeered the packed-dirt home of a family here, embedding himself and his hundreds of men in the midst of this community of rice growers. The eight-day occupation of Diabaly offers a rare look at the tactics of the Islamists under fire and their efforts to win over the local population. By Rukmini Callimachi.

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— MALI-FIGHTING — American planes transport French troops and equipment to Mali, as Malian and French forces push into the Islamist-held north. AP photos, video.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Nehemiah Griego killed his parents and three younger siblings, then reloaded; police say he planned to go to a Wal-Mart and randomly shoot many more people. But instead, the 15-year-old spent the day with his 12-year-old girlfriend, then eventually turned himself in. It's not yet clear why he changed his plan — and whether the time he spent with his girlfriend and then later her grandmother and a pastor may have prevented further bloodshed. By Susan Montoya Bryan.

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NEW YORK — Middle-class jobs were the big casualty of the Great Recession, and they're not coming back as economies recover. Five years since the start of the recession, almost none of the new jobs in the U.S. are middle class. In most of Europe, middle-class jobs are still in free fall. They're being obliterated by technology, which means they're likely gone forever, a three-month AP investigation has found. And increasingly the target is the service economy, home to more than two-thirds of all workers. By Business Writers Bernard Condon and Paul Wiseman. For release at 12:01 a.m.

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— GREAT RESET-HISTORY OF INNOVATION, HFR — This isn't the first time technology has created turmoil in the work place. From textile machines to the horseless carriage to email, innovation has wiped out jobs for centuries. A look at breakthroughs that made our lives more comfortable — and our jobs more precarious. For release at 12:01 a.m. AP photos.



WASHINGTON — Joe Biden in 2016? The inauguration is barely over but the vice president is already dropping plenty of hints that he might have another political act. Biden packed his schedule with events and receptions attended by party stalwarts throughout the long weekend of inauguration festivities, stoking speculation he may be laying the groundwork to carry the torch from President Obama. By Ken Thomas.

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WASHINGTON — President Obama's lofty ideals from his inaugural address runs into reality on the first working day of his second term. The White House struggles to back up Obama's promises to tackle climate change and recognize gay rights with specifics, raising questions about how much political muscle he'll put behind both issues. By White House Correspondent Julie Pace.

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WASHINGTON — Taxpayers preparing to file their 2012 returns can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The alternative minimum tax, or AMT, has been patched — permanently — and numerous tax credits and deductions that technically expired at the end of 2011 were extended as part of the fiscal cliff bill that Congress passed on New Year's Day. Taxpayers claiming energy credits, depreciation of property or general business credits will have to wait until late February or March to file while the IRS updates its forms and systems. By Carole Feldman.

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—TAXES-BY THE NUMBERS — Key numbers to know when filing your 2012 tax return.

— BIRMINGHAM BOMBING-CONGRESS — Fifty years after four children were killed in a racially motivated church bombing, lawmakers want to honor the slain young girls with the Congressional Gold Medal. AP photos.

— FOREIGN POLICY-CHANGING GUARD — Menendez, Royce usher in changes to Congress' foreign policy committees



WASHINGTON — As 21st century technology strains to be ever faster, cleaner and cheaper, an invention from more than 200 years ago keeps holding it back. It's the reason electric cars aren't clogging the roads and why Boeing's new ultra-efficient 787 Dreamliners aren't flying high. Chances are you have one of these on you right now and probably have cursed it recently: It's the infernal battery. By Science Writer Seth Borenstein.

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ALGIERS, Algeria — Algeria searches for five foreigners who vanished during the chaos of a bloody battle to unseat hostage-taking militants. One official says they may have fled into the Sahara desert during the fighting and simply gotten lost. By Aomar Ouali and Paul Schemm.

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BEIRUT — Syrians face extended blackouts amid severe fuel shortages in the middle of winter and now spend hours in line every day for a few loaves of bread or gasoline at soaring prices, highlighting the mounting difficulty President Bashar Assad faces in providing basic services to his people. The economy is buckling under the strain of civil war and international sanctions that have sapped government finances. By Bassem Mroue.

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BEIJING — Xiao Ru spent her last year of high school studying from morning until late at night. That didn't help her complete one college assignment: a 1,500-meter run. With two friends setting the pace, she finished the university fitness requirement — barely. Moments later, she doubled over and vomited. Such sights are increasingly common in China, which, despite its formidable performance at the Olympics, has seen the fitness of its young people decline. By Didi Tang.

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RIO DE JANEIRO — Shantytowns are visible from nearly every part of town. Look at an official city map, however, and they disappear, even though they're home to about 1.5 million people. Now the city that will host the 2016 Olympics is trying to bring these long-excluded communities into the folds of the city proper, providing policing, electricity, running water. But it also includes something simpler: putting them on the map. By Juliana Barbassa.

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Georges Exantus thought he'd never dance again. He was lucky just to be alive. An earthquake flattened his apartment and he spent three days trapped under jagged rubble. After friends dug him out, doctors amputated his right leg below the knee. Three years later, the 32-year-old professional dancer is back on the floor, spinning away as he does the salsa, cha-cha and samba. A prosthetic leg doesn't hold him back. By Trenton Daniel.

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— VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ — Venezuelan government says Hugo Chavez recovering, no date yet for return home.



HOUSTON — A fight escalates into a shooting at a Texas community college and a maintenance man caught in the crossfire is among three people wounded, officials say. The gunfire sends students scurrying for safety, with some barricading themselves in classrooms. By Juan A. Lozano and Michael Graczyk.

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CONROE, Texas — The parents of two children found living alone and unsupervised on an old renovated school bus regain full custody of their son and daughter after Texas child welfare officials say the family has abided by agency requirements. The parents were finishing 18-month prison terms for conspiracy to embezzle Hurricane Ike money when a postal carrier spotted the disheveled children last March, but the family has been back living together in the bus since September. By Michael Graczyk.

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LOS ANGELES — Call it space grave robbery for a cause: Imagine scavenging defunct communication satellites for their valuable parts and recycling them to build brand new ones for cheap. It's the latest pet project from the Pentagon's research wing known for its quirky and sometimes out-there ideas. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is spending $180 million to test technologies that could make this possible.

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— DEEP FREEZE — Schools cancel classes, police warn vulnerable residents to seek help and homeless shelters open overflow facilities as extreme cold moves in and whips the upper Midwest with wind chills well below zero. AP photo, video.

— SUPERSTORM-SEA WALLS — Some Jersey Shore towns recovering from Superstorm Sandy opt for steel sea walls between boardwalks and the shoreline to prevent further damage. AP photos.

— FOSTER CARE LAWSUIT — Trial begins for class-action lawsuit alleging abuse and neglect of thousands of Massachusetts children in foster care.

— FOOTBALL PLAYERS-RAPE CHARGES — Attorney seeks to delay and move trial for Ohio high school football player charged with rape.

— ARMY GENERAL-SEX CHARGES — An Army general brought back from Afghanistan to face court-martial on sexual misconduct charges deferred entering a plea in a hearing at Fort Bragg, N.C., ahead of a trial.


— PENN STATE-PATERNO — Supporters of longtime PSU football coach mark the anniversary of his death with a candlelight vigil in State College.

— BRITAIN-PRINCE HARRY — Prince Harry's assertion that he killed Taliban in Afghan combat draws intense coverage in the United Kingdom. AP photos.

— MENINGITIS OUTBREAK — Owners of Mass. pharmacy linked to meningitis got $16M in final 11 months as company prospered.

— WAL-MART SUPPLIERS — Wal-Mart issues 'zero tolerance' policy for suppliers subcontracting work without knowledge.

— EARNS-GOOGLE — Google's 4th-quarter earnings climb 7 percent as more advertising shifts to Internet.

— RILYA WILSON — Prosecutor says in closing arguments Fla. woman killed foster child Rilya Wilson out of hatred.

— LAS VEGAS FAMILY HOMICIDE — A Las Vegas police lieutenant kills his wife and son, sets his home afire and then kills himself. Police are trying to understand why. AP photos.

— BOULDER HITS HOUSE — A large boulder smashes into a house in Utah, nearly crushing a 63-year-old woman asleep in bed. She escapes with a broken sternum and gash in her leg. AP photos.

— BRITAIN-PEOPLE-ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER — Schwarzenegger says reducing gun violence should include debating parenting, other issues. AP photos.