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Posted on October 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 10 at 11:00 AM

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DETROIT — Alex Karras, the rugged lineman who anchored the Detroit Lions' defense in the 1960s, then went on to an acting career in which he starred in the sitcom "Webster" and famously punched a horse in the 1974 comedy "Blazing Saddles," died Wednesday. He was 77. By Sports Writer Larry Lage.

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NEW YORK — Elvis Costello, B.B. King and Ray Davies are among the nominees for the 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Songwriters Hall gave The Associated Press a list of nominees in advance of the official announcement, set for Oct. 16. By Music Writer Mesfin Fekadu.

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NEW YORK — Robert Caro, Junot Diaz and the late Anthony Shadid were among the finalists announced Wednesday for the National Book Awards. By National Writer Hillel Italie.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Luke Bryan just keeps getting hotter. The rising country music star is the lead nominee for this year's American Country Awards with seven. He beat out established stars like Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum in a field announced early Wednesday. By Music Writer Chris Talbott.

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NEW YORK — Willie Geist will no longer have to be at work way too early. NBC News on Wednesday appointed Geist to be a host of the 9 a.m. hour of the "Today" show, where he joins Al Roker and Natalie Morales. By Television Writer David Bauder.

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NEW YORK — There's a small, grotesque thing sitting on Douglas Hodge's makeup table at the American Airlines Theatre. It's fleshy, lopsided and rather obscene, like a candle that's been left in a hot oven. And yet, eight times a week, Hodge sticks it on the edge of his nose. Such is the burden of playing Cyrano de Bergerac. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy.

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MINEOLA, N.Y. — Police were called to Lindsay Lohan's childhood home in suburban New York on Wednesday morning after a report of a fight between the troubled actress and her mother. By Frank Eltman.

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MOSCOW — One jailed member of the punk band Pussy Riot unexpectedly walked free from a Moscow courtroom, but the other two now head toward a harsh punishment for their irreverent protest against President Vladimir Putin: a penal colony. By Nataliya Vasilyeva.

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WASHINGTON — The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Wednesday that her love of horses helped her overcome her fear that multiple sclerosis would put her in a wheelchair. Ann Romney was guest hosting ABC's "Good Morning America" when she spoke about her depression after receiving the diagnosis 14 years ago. By Nedra Pickler.

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PHILADELPHIA — For nearly a year, Batman's nemesis, the Joker, has been out of sight and, largely, out of mind, in the pages of DC Comics' New 52. Now, starting with this week's release of "Batman" No. 13, the clown prince of crime is back to wreak havoc in what writer Scott Snyder called a misguided, but earnest, effort to make Bruce Wayne a better person. By Matt Moore.

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The Beatles are finally appearing at a Woodstock festival. A restored version of the Beatles' 1967 made-for-British-TV psychedelic romp, "Magical Mystery Tour," will be featured at the annual Woodstock Film Festival kicking off Wednesday. The movie and a new documentary about how it was made will be among 130 narrative and documentary films shown over five days in and around the Hudson Valley arts colony that lent its name to the 1969 music festival, which was held in Bethel in neighboring Sullivan County. By Michael Hill.


NEW YORK — Led Zeppelin will not be reuniting any time soon. That message came through loud and clear Tuesday with sarcasm, stoic silence and even the occasional barb at reporters who dared to ask. By John Carucci.

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MOSCOW — Sarah Brightman, the world's biggest selling soprano, says she has booked a trip to the International Space Station. Brightman, who had a hit in 1978 with "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper," will become the first recording artist in space.

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LONDON — This year's London Film Festival has Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman and the Rolling Stones — and it's bookended by one of the city's premiere cinematic couples. Britain's biggest film showcase opens Wednesday with the London-based American director Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie," the animated tale of a boy and his beloved — but dead — dog. It ends Oct. 21 with Mike Newell's "Great Expectations," which stars Burton's partner, Helena Bonham Carter, as haunted Miss Havisham. By Jill Lawless.

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NEW YORK — There's a fresh push to get Holly Golightly onto a Broadway stage. Producers said Wednesday that a new adaptation of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is aiming for a Shubert theater in New York City in February 2013. It will be directed by Sean Mathias. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy.

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LOS ANGELES — A California man with many aliases who was behind an anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in the Middle East is expected to be asked by a judge Wednesday whether he violated his probation for a 2010 bank fraud conviction. Eds: The hearing is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. PDT.

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PHILADELPHIA — Valiant Comics is promising an explosive new story in the pages of its flagship book, "X-O Manowar." It's not hyperbole, said writer Robert Venditti, who outlined details this week of a major story arc in the Valiant universe that will see Aric of Dacia, a 5th-century Visigoth now sporting sentient superpowered armor, have his revenge on the Vine, the space-faring race that kidnapped him from Earth. By Matt Moore.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix is probably hoping a new book about its early history never gets made into a movie. The book, "Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America's Eyeballs," tries to debunk a widely told tale about the company's origins and paints a polarizing portrait of its star, CEO Reed Hastings. By Technology Writer Michael Liedtke.

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FILM REVIEW-ARGO. By Movie Critic Christy Lemire. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

FILM REVIEW-SMASHED. By Movie Critic Christy Lemire. AP Photos. Moved Tuesday.

FILM REVIEW-SINISTER. By The Hollywood Reporter. AP Photos. Moved Wednesday.

FILM REVIEW-SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. By Entertainment Writer Jake Coyle. AP Photos. Moving Wednesday.

FILM REVIEW-HERE COMES THE BOOM. By Movie Writer David Germain. Moving Wednesday. AP Photos.

FILM CAPSULES. AP Photos. Moving Wednesday.

MUSIC REVIEW-KISS. By Wayne Parry. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

MUSIC REVIEW-THE WALLFLOWERS. By Scott Bauer. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

MUSIC REVIEW-ZEDD. By Ron Harris. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

MUSIC REVIEW-VIVIAN GREEN. By Bianca Roach. AP Photos. Moved Tuesday.

OPERA REVIEW-ELEKTRA. By Mike Silverman. AP Photos. Moved Sunday.

THEATER REVIEW-HIM. By Jennifer Farrar. AP Photos. Moved Tuesday.

THEATER REVIEW-HARPER REGAN. By Jennifer Farrar. AP Photos. Moving Wednesday.

THEATER REVIEW-HERESY. By Jennifer Farrar. AP Photos. Moving Thursday.

THEATER REVIEW-CYRANO DE BERGERAC. By Mark Kennedy. AP Photos. Moving Thursday.

BOOK REVIEW-RED RAIN. By Rob Merrill. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

BOOK REVIEW-THE STORY OF AIN'T. By Ann Levin. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

BOOK REVIEW-REEL TERROR. By Douglass K. Daniel. AP Photos. Moved Monday.

GAME REVIEW-FABLE: THE JOURNEY. By Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang. AP Photos. Moved Tuesday.

GAME REVIEW-DISHONORED. By Lou Kesten. AP Photos. Moving Thursday.

GAMES-BORDERLANDS 2. By Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang. AP Photos. Moving Thursday.



NEW YORK — Led Zeppelin premieres "Celebration Day."

TAIPEI — Interview with Mandarin pop princess Jolin Tsai.

WARSAW — Protest in support of jailed band members on eve of appeal.

FILE — Lady Gaga visits WikiLeaks chief at the Ecuadorean embassy.

LOS ANGELES — Jay-Z leads new NBA video game.

HONG KONG — Tony Leung and Aaron Kwok attend Hong Kong premiere of "Cold War."

RUSSIA — Pussy Riot appeal resumes.

CANNES — "The Americans" premieres at MIPCOM.

ROME — Rome Film Festival line-up announced.

LONDON — Tim Burton and the cast of "Frankenweenie" interviewed before the opening Wednesday of the London Film Festival.

PARIS — Bono meets Hollande to discuss humanitarian causes.

RUSSIA — "Phantom of the Opera" star Sarah Brightman expected to announce she's going into space.

LONDON — "Frankenweenie" gala opens the London Film Festival.

NEW YORK — Actor Nick Offerman on season five of "Parks and Recreation."

LOS ANGELES — The cast of "The Walking Dead" talk about the zombie show's new season.


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