What makes a cougar 'cub' tick?

What makes a cougar 'cub' tick?

Maybe the most famous cougar-cub combination around: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.




Posted on March 25, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 25 at 3:33 PM

Ever wonder why some younger men are attracted to much older women – the so-called "cougars" – rather than someone closer to their own age?

Cougared.com, a dating website for the older woman-younger man crowd, just released results of its survey. It asked men their attitudes about dating older women.

Over half of the 250 men polled were between the ages of 18 and 25.

Fifty percent of the men say they like older women because there is something sexy about "a mature woman who knows her own mind and body." Another 22 percent say younger women aren't mature enough and are full of drama. Nine percent say they think their younger bodies are more likely to turn on an older woman.

More than half the men who date cougars only want a casual relationship or a one night stand. Eleven percent want a "sugar mama" to spoil them and only eight percent want a long-term relationship.

Only 17 percent say they date older women exclusively. 32 percent say they usually date younger women, but occasionally like to be with an older woman.

About 60 percent prefer to go out for dinner or drinks on a first date, while 22 percent just want to go home for sex. 35 percent of the men polled say they believe an older woman is more likely than a younger woman to sleep with them on a first date.

Chivalry is not totally dead in this group. 41 percent say they will pick up the check on a date with an older woman while 50 percent say they will take turns with who pays.

How old is a cougar? 45 percent of the men say the best ages are 41 to 45 while 29 percent say its ages 35 to 40. As for when a cougar should "retire," 43 percent say there is no upper limit. The next most common answer was "as soon as they reach their 60's."

Eighty percent say they would not care if they found out the cougar they were dating was a grandmother.

Hollywood has had a strong influence on bringing cougars into the mainstream. 69 percent of respondents said films like "American Pie" and couples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have made dating older woman more acceptable.

Speaking of famous older women, who do you think most of the men in this poll listed as their "Fantasy Cougar?"  It's not an actress. It's Sarah Palin. 24 percent say the former Alaska Governor and Vice presidential candidate is their top choice, based on a limited list given by the website. The others:

  • Courteney Cox – 21 percent
  • Demi Moore – 19 percent
  • Madonna – 10 percent
  • Kim Catrall  - 6 percent
  • Helen Mirren – 6 percent
  • First Lady Michelle Obama – 3 percent
  • ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer – 3 percent
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – 2 percent
  • Former supermodel Janice Dickenson – 2 percent
  • Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell – 2 percent
  • Sharon Osborne (Ozzy's wife) – 2 percent

And when asked who they would rather sleep with, the men preferred Demi Moore over the younger choices of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox or Katy Perry.