Third U-Haul truck stolen in three days



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Posted on May 28, 2014 at 5:46 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 28 at 6:29 PM

Police are trying to figure out whether a string of U-Haul truck thefts this week are possibly connected. Thieves made off with a third U-Haul truck, bringing the total to three trucks in three days.

Surveillance video of the latest theft shows the suspect breaking into a truck in the Auburn U-Haul parking lot Monday night. Within seconds he has the engine running, headlights on, and drives off with the vehicle.

"Whether someone was planning to move and needed a truck without paying for it, or needed the truck to move stolen goods, I would only speculate," said Cmdr. Mike Hirman of the Auburn Police Department.

Unlike the two others stolen earlier this week, Hirman said this truck was empty.

Taylor Vick's truck, which disappeared from the Bellevue Hilton, was found dumped in Tacoma a day later.

Then Rafael and Rita Irisarris' truck in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood was found abandoned and empty in Federal Way on Tuesday night. That truck had been loaded with $50,000 of studio equipment -- all of it gone except for a 900 lb. piano.

Police see similarities in the two earlier cases.

"Ignitions were punched in both the vehicles, the locations where the vehicles were both recovered were not too far apart," said Seattle police detective Mannie Quinonez.

In both cases, thieves did not break the padlocks, but found another way to get into the back of the truck.

Quinonez guesses the goods will be pawned, sold, or put in storage to be fenced later. He says they have a few leads on possible suspects in the Seattle case.