State's first licensed pot producer to sell his business



Posted on July 3, 2014 at 9:25 AM

Updated Thursday, Jul 3 at 9:25 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The man who received Washington's first license to produce legally grown marijuana said he wants to sell his business -- even before the first pot sale is made.

With legal recreational marijuana sales scheduled to begin in the state on Tuesday, Sean Green said he's not selling his business, Kouchlock Productions, because he's in financial trouble. He feels, rather, it's time to step aside and take a new role in the industry.

Green sent a press release to the media Wednesday, saying the business he had built is up for sale.

“This is basically selling the American dream available. It's all of the tools necessary to build one of the largest production facilities in Washington State,” said Green. “I want to play more of a supporting role and think there may be someone better suited to take this to the next level.”

Green’s facility is 94,000 square feet. It allows workers to grow marijuana, process it and ship it out to retail stores across the state all in one place.

Green said reports that he was in over his head and did not have enough capital to withstand unstable beginnings of the state's burgeoning marijuana industry were all untrue.

He said he is not trying to make a quick buck and get out. He's committed to making his dream come true.

“It's going to be a balance of adequate funding but also the right business acumen to make it work and take it to the next level. “I would like to see it succeed. I would love to be a part of a facility like this that is one of the most successful in the state,” Green said.

He added he would rather play a supporting roll in the marijuana roll out.

“We've created a fully licensed, producing marijuana production faculty in Washington state. We have finished products that passed all testing. We've secured a facility that has plenty of room to expand with that license and provide that opportunity to someone else.”

According to Green, once up and running, his marijuana facility just outside of Spokane would produce 1,000 pounds of marijuana every month.

Green said any buyer or investor would have to meet liquor control qualifications in order to have the license transferred in their name.
Green also said he was not necessarily looking for the highest bidder, but the person who is most likely to have success in the business.