Outage near UW leaves 1,500 customers dealing with the heat


by KING 5 News


Posted on August 17, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 17 at 10:56 PM

Friday’s warm weather went from being uncomfortable to almost unbearable for those who had to spend part of the evening without power.  A power outage impacted 1,500 Seattle City Light customers around the University of Washington.

The outage started at 6:30 pm and by 8:00 pm most of the customers had their electricity restored.

The blackout was caused by an electrical fire in an underground vault, but it's not clear if the heat played a role.

Facing temperatures over 90 degrees, with no fans, was tough for those forced to deal with it.

At the Agua Verde Paddle Club and Café, the night had been going well before they lost power.

“It was a busy night we were looking at maybe breaking a record or at least approaching a record for sales,” Manager Orrin Sand explained.  “The line was out the door and the tamales were selling like hot cakes” he added.

The hot weather draws people to the restaurant's patio which looks out at Lake Union.  They had people waiting to sit out there when Sand says everything changed.
“It goes dark and we lose all the power,” he said.

After a few minutes, they were forced to close down and focus on saving their food.  “

"The timing was horrible, we're losing tons of money” he said.

They brought in bags and bags of ice to try and preserve everything “we're trying to pack ice in the fridge and save all the steak and chicken,” he explained.

The timing was also not good for critical maintenance work that had to be done at the Medger Evars pool in Seattle's central district.  Those who came to cool off were greeted by a sign saying the pool is closed for repairs to the building.

The heat did not stop thousands of Mariners fans from facing the high temperatures at Safeco Field.

“I don't like it,” fan Gordon Dutrisac said.  “I moved here from Arizona ten years ago to get away from it.”

In case fans weren’t warm enough, the team was giving away fleece blankets at the door.

Doug Ammons said it didn’t seem appropriate for an August game but “a freebie's a freebie.”  Ammons had another idea for something the team might pass out instead “a cold beer would have been a better giveaway.”

Temperatures were already coming down by late Friday night and most fans seemed to think they’d be using those fleece blankets before too long.