9-year-old St. Rose boy spreads message to stop bullying

9-year-old spreads message to stop bullying

ST. CHARLES PARISH, La. -- A school assignment quickly turns into a personal mission for one local fourth grader.  Nine-year-old Jason Martin said he's doing what he can to try and stop bullying.

"We are strong about that, about being kind to others," said Jason's mom, Brandie.

A few weeks ago, St. Rose Elementary gave students the option to write something about bullying. It could've been an essay, song or poem. However, Jason said he wanted to do something that stood out.

"I think he's having a positive impact on kids his age," said Brandie.

Jason, took the assignment (which wasn't graded and wasn't mandatory) a step further.

"Because the teachers and stuff can fix it," he said. "But a student has never tried to fix it, so I wanted to try."

With money he had saved, Jason helped buy hundreds of bracelets.

"The top says #LiveBullyFree and the bottom says #SCPPS which stands for St. Charles Parish Public Schools," he described.

It may be something small, but they all carry a powerful message, one that Jason's mom says her family has discussed before.

"A lot of kids are getting hurt and feeling bad about themselves because of it and I think like the bracelets," she said. "They need to live bully free."

"That's what bracelets are for," said Jason. "Because if you've bullied somebody before and you go to do it again, just look at your wrist and you have the band."

Two weeks ago, Jason passed out at least 800 bracelets to all students, faculty, and staff at St. Rose Elementary. While teachers now talk about making a tee-shirt, Jason wants to spread the message further. Especially to try and help bring comfort to a West Virginia family.

"WWL had posted something on Facebook about the 9-year-old boy who took his life because of bullying and it hit home for me because my son is 9," said Brandie. "So I showed it to Jason this morning and he was shocked."

That boy, is Jackson Grubb, who's body was found in his bedroom September 10th by his older sister.

"Bullying is not okay," said Jason. "Because it can hurt other peoples' feelings and it makes you feel not good about yourself."

"He asked if we could get in touch with the family and send them a bracelet to show them that we are here and there are people who are praying for them and we're trying to stop people from getting bullied," said Brandie.

Jason hopes his bracelets will give the family a bit of comfort and a message.

"That we're trying to stop it and we're trying to make a big difference," he said.

And he encourages others to also take a stand, and #LiveBullyFree.

"I was kind of thinking it'd stop bullying, but it might not, but I hope it will," he said.

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