Collard Greens Potato Salad w/ Mustard Seed Vinaigrette - Chef Tom Douglas


by New Day Producers

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 12:53 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 7 at 12:53 PM

Collard Greens Potato Salad with Mustard Seed Vinaigrette - Chef Tom Douglas

Mustard Seed Vinaigrette
2 T dry yellow mustard seeds
½ cup white distilled vinegar
1 T sugar
Bring ingredients to a quick boil and remove from heat. Cover and let stand at least 30 minutes, then cool.
Add to the above:
1 T minced shallots
2 T chopped dill
½ Tsp fresh ground black pepper
1 tsp kosher salt
2/3 cup plain olive oil, not EVO
Collard greens-
One bunch collard greens-stems removed and torn into manageable pieces
3 cloves garlic sliced thin on a mandolin
1 small yellow onion, thin julienne
1 T plain olive oil
In a heavy bottomed sauce pan just barely big enough to fit all of the collard greens, sweat the garlic and onions in the olive oil on a very low heat until they are soft but without any color on them.  If you do this slowly enough you will get a little bit of liquid from the onion and garlic. (If you don’t you can add a little bit of water or vegetable stock, not more than ½ a cup) Add all of the collard greens into the pan and turn the heat up just a little bit to get them braising faster. Cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and cook for about 20-30 minutes. You can peek a little bit to make sure all of the liquid has not evaporated, if it is, add more.  For the finished collard green you are looking for somewhat of a dry pan and a green with a bit of a bite left to it. Try not to cook them until they fall apart. Texture is good. After they are done to your liking, cool them, chop them down into bite size pieces and set them aside.
7-8 medium sized red potatoes
Lots of salted water (salty like the sea)
Big pot that fits above ingredients
Combine ingredients and cook on med high until a wooden skewer pokes through a potato with just a little bit of resistance. When you think they are getting close, check them frequently so you don’t overcook them.  When they are done remove them from the water and cool immediately.  When they are cooled all the way, cut them into nice potato salad size pieces and toss them with a little bit of the dressing (2 or 3 T)
To finish the salad-
Combine collard greens and potatoes to roughly make an 80% potato to 20% green ratio. Add the dressing and a little extra salt and gently fold the salad together.  Enjoy straight away or let it sit for up to a day. If you let it sit for longer than 3 hours, we recommend reserving some of the dressing to re-toss the salad so it looks nice and fresh.