Civility/Politeness Quiz


by New Day Producers

Posted on April 21, 2010 at 11:55 AM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 21 at 11:55 AM


The New Day Civility Questionnaire and Quiz
Email your responses to Just copy and paste the questions below into your email and type your answers.
1.        What civility means to you?
2.        Have you been a victim of …or witness to…an uncivil act in the past month. If so, describe.
3.        Why civility is important in our society?
Here are ten questions that represent everyday activities. Type your response - Always, Sometimes, Never at the end of the question.
1.       You return your shopping cart to the designated area.
2.       You avoid using your cell phone to talk or text when with others.
3.       Your R.S.V.P. promptly when invited to an event.
4.       You arrive on time for events.
5.       You look for ways to make others feel included.
6.       You carefully open your car door in parking lots to avoid bumping another vehicle.
7.       You express your gratitude to others by saying thank you.
8.       You monitor your tone and word choice in all communications.
9.       You place trash in an appropriate place.
10.   You value the opinions of others.

We will be discussing our findings on Thursday April 22nd on New Day Northwest!