Writing program helps students heal from the inside out


by New Day Producers


Posted on June 20, 2014 at 11:47 AM

Two years ago, we met an incredible group of students from Scriber Lake High School in Snohomish County, who had taken part in a unique writing program spearheaded by teacher Marjie Bowker and their mentor, author Ingrid Rocks. The program allowed these teens to give voice to some of the painful experiences in their young lives. The result was a book of essays entitled "We Are Absolutely Not Okay."

Last year, a new group of students returned to share their essay collection, "You've Got It All Wrong."

This year's students have done it again, compiling a book of powerful essays entitled "Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Inside Out." The writing program, which has been renamed Write to Right, has caught the attention of educators across the state and in other countries. (Edmonds Community College has selected "You've Got It All Wrong" for their 2014/2015 Campus read and purchased 2,000 copies for students and staff.)

Three of the student essayists (Shelby Ashbury, Maize Phillips and Robert Jeffreys) joined Margaret to share their experience, while their classmates joined our audience, along with teacher Marjie Bowker and class mentor Ingrid Ricks, author of the New York Times bestseller "Hipipe Boy: A Girl's Story."

To learn more about how to schedule a workshop or, if you're an educator looking to obtain narrative writing curriculum for your class or school, please click here.

Connect with the group on Facebook: We Are Absolutely Not Okay

The other students who contributed essays to "Behind Closed Doors" are:

Marika Evenson

Lilly Anderson

Emma Norton

Chase Werner

Brinnon Hall

Eliaud Peterson

Brieaunna Dacruz

Jaycee Schrenk

Destanee Stock

Emma Sariah Jensen

Tatam Walker

Roger Silva