Top FAILs of 2012


by New Day Producers

Posted on December 31, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 31 at 5:37 PM

As we say goodbye to 2012, we can't help but look back on the year's biggest and most memorable FAIL moments - the moments that start with high hopes and end in hilarity.  For the 4th year, our friends at Seattle-based Cheezburger and the FAIL Blog compiled their annual Top 5 list.  The results were compiled from nearly 70,000 votes cast on FAIL Blog.  The following are the best of 2012's worst:

Top 5 Most Memorable Videos and Photos on FAIL Blog:

  1. Goose Attack FAIL
  2. Kid In a Dryer FAIL
  3. Cracking the Ice FAIL
  4. Stephen Feck’s Olympic Dive FAIL
  5. Deer Lady FAIL

Top 5 Most Memorable FAIL People:

  1. The Honey Boo Boo Family 
  2. Kristen Stewart
  3. NFL Replacement Referees
  4. Patricia Krentcil “Tanning Mom”
  5. Mitt Romney

Top 5 Most Memorable FAIL Moments:

  1. Justin Bieber Barfing on Stage                                                                                                 
  2. Ecce Homo Restoration
  3. Romney’s 47% Comment
  4. iOS6 Maps
  5. Jason Russell’s Post-Kony Meltdown

Top Memes of 2012 (An Internet meme is a video, photo, concept, or idea that's passed from person to person, which changes and evolves along the way)

  1. Gangnam Style
  2. Grumpy Cat
  3. Call Me Maybe
  4. Kony 2012
  5. Somebody That I Used to Know
  6. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
  7. Ehrmagerd
  8. Overly Attached Girlfriend
  9. What People Think I Do
  10. Sh*t People Say

For more hilarious videos, visit the FAIL Blog here.