The future of video games


by New Day Producers

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 1:09 PM

Video games are part of the changing culture our country and our world.  If you remember the old pong games, you know that they started out as fairly simply arcade games. But with new technology, video games are now remarkably like life, and can in some cases be quite violent or in other cases very educational. Matthew Hooper is on the forefront of gaming movement, so we wanted to check in with him about the next frontier for gaming.

Click HERE to watch his presentation on the future of video games

Games for good –

- DragonBox.
- Conspiracy Code.
- Evoke.
- Fold It.
- Reader Rabbit.
- Virulent.
- Anatomy Pro Am.
- Many others.

Studies are mixed as to whether there is a link between violence in video games and violence by youth in society.

- Recent Washington Post article indicates there is not a correlation between violence in video games and violence in society:

- The American Psychological Association has published papers that directly conflict with, and take issue with, the approach taken by studies such as that above.

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