Fall Kitchen Essentials


by New Day Producers


Posted on September 27, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 27 at 12:44 PM

As fall draws nearer, it is time for a little home improvement with some fun gadgets and products for your pantry. Kitchen Living Expert Coryanne Ettiene joined Margaret to share her list of top kitchen essentials for fall.

Coryanne also announced a contest on her Facebook page (Kitchen Living with Coryanne) to win a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker! The contest ends soon, so check it out.

Here are her notes:

Overall look: Fall colors, fall produce, pantry supplies and fall cooking tools that highlight the delights of being trapped on a back to school kitchen island with added foods that portray a busy mid week kitchen feel.
Top 10 products: 
 - It has been a fun summer spent out of our kitchens and now is the time to restock and get ready for the back to school routine.  Stocking the pantry is the first priority of surviving on kitchen island because who has time for last minute trips to the grocery store.  (I will have a pantry check list on the kitchen living with coryanne FB page to support this talking point).  Get ready for one pot dinners, fall baking and stews by stocking up on pantry supplies now. 
Now is  great time to look over your fall kitchen tools and make sure they are ready for the long cool season ahead.  Having a big crock pot, roasting pans for mid week meals, and casual fall parties is a must, and having plenty of oven mitts keep your hands safe while cooking is a must. 
Don't forget to sharpen those knives, look over your blades and toss out the ones that are just a walking hazard.  Plus advice on other essential kitchen tools that you need in your fall drawer.
We all talk about the choas of mid week meals, but beating the morning scramble is something every family faces and sometimes there is just not enough time to pack lunches or get a hot breakfast on the table.  I like to cheat a bit with breakfast popsicles, they work as great lunch box smoothies as well.