Talking Safety with the Car Seat Lady


by New Day Producers

Posted on February 2, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 2 at 12:57 PM

Some of us remember a time when cars were rarely equipped with seatbelts, let alone car-seats for children.

Fortunately, cars are far safer now, but for parents, choosing and properly installing the right car seat can be quite a challenge. Sue Emery, known as “the car seat lady” is helping us get it right!


Tips from The Car Seat Lady!

1.       Just because a car seat gets the best reviews, costs more, or has the greatest safety rating, this does not mean it’s the best for your vehicle. Not all car seats fit all cars.
2.       Consider the safety of the whole family. How tall are the parents in the front seat? How do they have to position their seats for safety? You want about 12 -14” +/- between the driver and the airbag. You want about 20 -24” between the front seat passenger and the airbag.
3.       Once the front seats have been properly set you have a limited number of car seats to consider.
4.       It is encouraged that children remain rear facing in their car seats up to age two. They are five times safer rear facing. With this in mind, you want to make sure the convertible seat you purchase actually fits the vehicle considering point #2 above.
5.       All child restraints must be installed according to the child restraint and vehicle manufacturer instructions. This is WA law.
6.       Don’t move a child through the stages of child restraint safety too quickly.
A.      Rear facing as long as possible
B.      In a harness as long as possible
C.      In the back seat as long as possible
7.       If you have questions or would like assistance in find a place to have your car seat checked, call Safety Restraint Coalition 425-828-8975 or toll free in WA 1-800-BUCKLUP (1-800-282-5587) or visit our website: for links to local help.