Shop 5 for Health: Easy ingredients for tasty quick meals


by New Day Producers

Posted on September 30, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Updated Monday, Sep 30 at 3:47 PM

Nutritionist Deborah Enos shared five more ingredients for healthy, tasty meals that are easy to prepare and enjoy. Audience members also received discount coupons for Laughing Cow cheese and all Bel products.

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Here are Deb's ideas and notes:

Frozen Shrimp, de-veined

Easy to defrost and grill then use in making shrimp tacos (great replacement for chicken or beef)

Defrost & sauté and then add to pasta or over brown rice or quinoa

Mini Won Tons

Easy to sauté and have as an after school snack

Cook up and when combined with Edamame, makes a healthy lunch or dinner

Organic Non-Gmo Edamame

I cook them up, add some flavoring and then put in small containers or Ziplocs for work and road trips.

If I don’t feel like chopping up veggies for a dinner salad, I use a combo of Edamame & snap peas, carrots, etc and put them on pretty plates as an alternative to salad.

Laughing Cow Cheese or Baby Bel Light Cheese

Simple spread for bagels or toast that’s very low in fat when compared to cream cheese

Use in my onset recipe for ….

Onions & Garlic (I will also be demonstrating how I store my produce in Chico Bags to preserve the freshness)

I buy the big bag of Christopher Ranch from Costco. It’s less work and easy to add into as many recipes as I can squeeze them in to. I chop and add to my shrimp tacos, soups and stews.

I am such a cry baby when it comes to chopping onions. So when I need a good cry, I chop a lot of them. I store some in the fridge for the upcoming week of cooking. The rest I put in small containers and freeze for use later in the month.