Plant a Gorgeous Gift


by New Day Producers

Posted on May 27, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Updated Monday, May 27 at 4:03 PM

Instead of buying mom something already made at the store, why not making something with your own hands? If she enjoys plants and flowers, she'll enjoy something you planted even more.  Gardening guru Ciscoe Morris explains how easy it is to do:

Okay, cool as it is to plant up a container for mom on Mother's day, if you really want to make some points, plant one up for your Mother-in-law.  For someone that special, you need to do something really colorful and amazing.  Here's a pot that will be so beautiful and colorful, you're mother-in-law will be so impressed she'll cook you up a Brussels sprouts casserole every time you  come over for the next 3 months!

Start with a good sized pot.  This is a container for full-sun.

Choose a great center piece that is in proportion with the size of the pot.  I chose a Cordyline austaralis red star.

Next fill in with plants that are about 3/4 as tall as the center piece.  I chose Zinnia 'fire' which are bright orange, and attract hummingbirds.

Next I chose Euphorbia' Diamond Frost' with an airy fine texture and white flowers.

I added a few Carex dipsacea - Autumn sedge to add reddish brown color and grassy texture.

For something to spillover the side, I chose Bacopa 'Golden leaf' The beautiful lime foliage glows against the terracotta  pot, and the white flowers last all summer long.

For some incredible bold texture I added Sedum x rubrotinctum- known as Jelly bean sedum.

Finally for the coup de grace of color, I added Snapdragon 'Snap Shot Orange', which if I do say so myself, put this container design over the  top.  This design is so spectacular, my mother-in-law will be so impressed she'll make me Brussels casseroles for a whole year, and she'll even add bacon!  Oh, la, la!

Happy Mother's day!


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