Domestic Violence Report: Community Response Most Effective


by New Day Producers

Posted on January 10, 2011 at 9:48 PM

A domestic violence report 13 years in the making reveals groundbreaking new findings in regards to what's really effective at protecting victims and more.

Here are the top 5 findings:
  1. The study made it clear that we can’t rely on any one system or agency alone to end domestic violence. We all have a role to play.
  1. When victims reached out for help, few were encouraged to call a local domestic violence program.
  1. Talking with a domestic violence advocate, exploring options, and planning for safety is a critical and life-saving service.
  1. Nearly 1/3 of victims in studied cases were under 21 when they started dating the abuser. We need to talk to teens about healthy relationships.
  1. Visit to view the report or to learn about resources available, so if you’re the one person a victim turns to for help, you’ll know what to do. Anyone can call the Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline for information: 1-800-562-6025.
Here are three things we can all do to support a victim of domestic violence:
Stay connected, abusers isolate their victims
Listen with out judging her choices
Encourage her to contact a domestic violence agency.
Call the Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline for more information: 1-800-562-6025.
Here are some links to stories about several of the homicides covered in the report: