Longevity Medical Clinic: Keys to healthy weight loss


by New Day Producers


Posted on January 8, 2013 at 1:21 PM

The key to good health is a body that's strong, fit and firing on all cylinders, but many people struggle with health issues, including a metabolism that's slowing down, leading to weight gain. The doctors at Longevity Medical Clinic work to help you achieve your optimal self from the inside out, sometimes, with incredible results!

Dr. Jerry Mixon, founder of Longevity Medical Clinic and patient Covahgin, who lost more than 100 pounds in 16 months, joined Margaret to share the incredible story.

For more information about Longevity Medical Clinic, visit their website: www.LMClinic.com

Call them:  866-86-YOUNG

Here's a list of their upcoming FREE seminars around Western Washington:

Bellevue Depression Seminar
Tuesday Jan 8th, 2013 • 7:07pm
Bellevue Residence Inn


Tacoma Weight Loss Seminar
Saturday Jan 12th, 2013 • 5:07pm
Tacoma Convention Center

Bellevue Weight Loss Seminar
Saturday Jan 12th, 2013 • 11:07am
Tuesday Jan 15th, 2013 • 1:07pm
Bellevue Residence Inn

Lynnwood Weight Loss Seminar
Wednesday Jan 16th, 2013 • 7:07pm
Lynnwood Convention Center