Gourmet food made easy with Justin Marx


by New Day Producers


Posted on August 14, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 14 at 12:30 PM

The greater Seattle area is bursting with food lovers, eager to try new flavors.

And there are a number of restaurants and other food-related businesses ready to help take them on a culinary adventure!

Seattle gourmet food expert and owner of Marx Foods, Justin Marx, was recently spotlighted by "Food and Wine" magazine for his talent at scouting out unique flavors. Justin joins New Day to share some of his favorites!

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Here's a look at the items Justin shared today:

Truffle Salt

Get the goodness of real truffles for a fraction of the cost. Truffle salt is an amazing finishing salt, great paired with roasted meats/poultry & risotto. You can even transform popcorn and potato chips into decadent treats.  Super simple to use and a flavor-bending ingredient.

Butternut Squash Seed Oil

Smooth, buttery and rich – butternut squash seed oil has a luxurious squash flavor, lovely amber color, and is perfect as a dipping oil, in vinaigrettes, drizzled on veggies, and a great soup garnish!

Edible Flower Collection

Vibrant and unbeatably beautiful, edible flowers bring elegance with ease. They’re perfect for special occasions, weddings, parties and celebrations. We offer 45 different varieties, from pansies to orchids to starflowers. Food & Wine magazine recommended edible pansies for garnishing cakes & cocktails.

Szechuan Buttons

They taste like electricity. They are an intriguing addition to sorbets and cocktails and are REALLY fun.  They sound like a novelty, but there is plenty of substance.

Yuzu Juice

An exotic Japanese citrus fruit juice with an orange, lemon and grapefruit flavor. Also a great substitute for lemon juice. If you want exciting cocktails, unique salad dressings and incredible desserts, make them with Yuzu. 

Here are several other unique flavor ideas: 

New Zealand Grass-fed Beef

Heralded by chefs and consumers, this 100% grass-fed, is the best beef product on the market.  You’ve gotta try it.  We are the exclusive importer of this product and in two years on the market, sales are rocketing.  

Bulk Vanilla Beans

Supermarkets charge $3-5 per bean.  We sell 25 beans for $24.  They are fresh, fragrant and home bakers can really indulge because of the great value.  Usually bakers have to use sparingly.  At that price they can use abundantly. 

Palm Leaf Plates

The ultimate eco-chic item for any green occasion. Palm plates are literally plates that are pressed from a palm leaf.  Perfect for weddings, outdoor parties, and even camping!

Specialty Sausage Sampler

12 amazing varieties of specialty sausage in one box, a carnivore's delight – buffalo, venison, lamb, duck, rabbit and more. Great gift idea and easy to cook! 

Fennel/Dill Pollen

Just a pinch of fennel/dill pollen is all you need to create an amazing dish. Great with seafood, meat & veggies.

Candy Caps Mushrooms

Mushrooms for dessert! Candy caps have a sweet maple aroma & flavor. Use them for custards, cakes, ice cream and cookies.

Wild Boar

Our wild boar is truly wild, not farm-raised – it is humanely trapped in Texas Hill Country. Its wild-foraged diet gives boar a lean, bold flavor and Food & Wine magazine calls it “the ultimate sustainable meat.”

Heirloom Potatoes

Food & Wine magazine calls these “jewel-colored” potatoes a great ingredient for curious culinary beginners. These potatoes are sustainably grown here in WA state and with 12 varieties to choose from, you’ll find a color and flavor you’ll love.


Also known as “Jerusalem artichokes,” sunchokes are packed with vitamins & minerals and have a sweet, nutty flavor. They make for excellent starchy side dishes – roast, steam, boil, or puree them…or slice & fry them for sunchoke chips!

Dried Chiles

From fruity and mild to smoky to scorching hot, dried chiles are incredibly easy to use and amp up any dish. Make rich mole, spicy hot sauce, cool salsa, custom spice blends or curry.

Elderflower Syrup

Elderflower syrup is great in cocktails & mocktails, and as a topping for sweets like ice cream, yogurt and pancakes. The syrup has a flavor that blends tropical fruit, honey, floral, sweet & slightly tart together for a delicious result.

Huckleberries (frozen only right now, but the fresh season is about to start)

If you like blueberries, you’ll love their wild relative. Huckleberries have a tart, sweet musky flavor, and they’re wild-foraged in the Pacific Northwest. Go sweet or savory and add them to smoothies, sorbets, sauces or baked goods.