Eco-friendly tech gadgets


by New Day Producers

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 23 at 7:55 AM

Going green with our technology is getting easier and easier each year. So in honor of Earth Day, Brian Westbrook is here to show us the latest innovations in green tech!

Here are the items we featured in todays show!

Stone GreenZero ($25)

Eco-friendly wall charger for USB mobile electronic devices that eliminates vampire drain when charging is complete.

Goal Zero: Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit ($160)

Compact 7 Watt Solar Panel and Battery Pack for Charging Handheld Devices—live off the grid with solar power. Also available, larger kits for emergency power and recreation!

Zuvo Water Filtration System ($150-250)

Eliminate your reliance on bottled water by upgrading your kitchen to safe, clean, filtered water. It also features a five-step patented ultraviolet light, ozone and carbon filtration cleansing process.

CableKeeps ($16)

Gives your dull white iPad™ charger some added personality and utility. They secure your USB docking cable to Apple™ power adaptors so cable & charger stay together. The intuitive design will keep your cables tangle free when shoved in a bag, pocket, or purse and can shorten and organize when plugged into the wall. They’re made locally, and all waste from manufacturing is responsibly recycled!

Energizer Batteries ($10) & Charger ($15)

Save disposable batteries from going into the landfill by switching to newer high-capacity rechargeable batteries from the familiar Energizer.