Art from the souls of young refugees from Burma


by New Day Producers

Posted on October 8, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 8 at 2:58 PM

An important art exhibit is on display right now at Seattle Art Museum. It’s not just the artwork, but the personal stories behind it that make this exhibit a must-see! The artists are young people, who were forced to flee their home country of Burma, now known as Myanmar. The paintings come from their hearts and souls, depicting haunting memories, as well as hope for better lives.  Refugee Youth Advocate, Erika Berg, joined us today to share more about the exhibit and some of the young people at the heart of the artwork.

For more information about the exhibit "Forced to Flee: Visual Stories by Refugee Youth from Burma," please click here.

To learn more about the Burma refugee community here in the Northwest and to help, please check out the following organizations/websites:

Coalition for Refugees from Burma
CRB provides culturally and linguistically appropriate humanitarian and social support services to improve the quality of life of refugees from Burma who are resettled

in Washington State.

Northwest Communities of Burma
NWCB strives to remove barriers between the diverse ethnic groups of Burma and encourage building strong community ties through events, education and advocacy. For more information, please contact


Seattle Burma Roundtable

SBR, a monthly gathering of community members dedicated to addressing the needs of refugees along the Thai-Burma border, meets every third Tuesday (7:00-8:45 pm) in

“The Den” at Mosaic Coffee House in Wallingford.

"Stand Up for Human Rights and Democracy"
This Seattle-based Facebook page promotes freedom,

democracy, and human rights throughout Burma.

For more information, please contact

Refugee & Immigrant Children's Program, LCSNW
RICP provides long-term foster care to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant youth who have fled war, persecution, abuse, or abandonment in their native.

For more information,

please contact