ISSAQUAH - King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert made a special delivery.

On Friday, she appeared on the Issaquah Plateau with keys in hand, like a game show host. But this was very real, and part of a county program.

Lambert had a smile on her face as she handed over the keys and title to a van that was part of Metro's VanPool program. It is part of a program that declares vans with more than 100,000 miles and six years in service as surplus.

Instead of selling the vans, the County has designated a select number can be given to nonprofit organizations. This year, each council member will give away three vans, or a total of 27 in all.

The latest recipient, Life Enrichment Options, which runs a handful of adult family homes on the Issaquah plateau for adults with development disabilities.

"It really adds to the ability to take them out into the community," said Fred Nystrom, the Executive Director of Life Enrichment Options. "It's absolutely a quality of life issue, this will give (the tenants) the ability to do more things."

Over 500 vans have been donated in the little publicized program over the past 20 years.