HawkBlogger Dominates Seahawks Talk; Veekster's Landscape and Lifestyle Photos Light Up Instagram

Hawk Blogger was selected as BEST Podcast, and @Veekster was selected as BEST Instagrammer by the voters of Western Washington in 2016's Best of Western Washington contest.

SEATTLE, WASH. - Hawk Blogger was selected as BEST Podcast, and @Veekster was selected as BEST Instagrammer by the voters of Western Washington in 2016's Best of Western Washington contest.  

Best Podcast:  Hawk Blogger

Brian Nemhauser, the creator of HawkBlogger.com has watched every Seahawks game since he was about six-years-old, which helped him become the authority on all things Seahawks.

"I would always watch them pretty intensely," said Nemhauser. "They talk about for players that the game really slows down for them as they play more. The same is for watching. I see what it looks like the offense is trying to do and how the defense is aligning. I'm watching who's in and what personnel they're putting in and whether that changes from time to time. And whether a young player getting his first chance and when does he get his first chance and how does he do?"

Nemhauser refined his writing skills while studying Print Journalism at American University, but ended up pursuing a career in Tech. After missing writing each day, he created Hawkblogger.com in 2007 as a way to combine his love for writing and the Seahawks.



"Sports are just a great microcosm of life and challenge and opportunity," said Nemhauser. "So I look for those stories to make sure they get highlighted. Because especially now on social media, it's so easy to tear people down. You forget these are kids that are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. And so I love to find those threads and highlight them for people to see."

What started as a small following of Seahawks fans, has blossomed into a well-respected site visited by millions of people.

"Honestly, I'd do it if no one listened or no one read because I'm just obsessed. But to know that people really are reflecting back to me that what I'm doing really matters to them, makes it all that much more rewarding," said Nemhauser. 



As the site started to get more popular, the potential to make a profit from his work became apparent. But since Nemhauser already has a full time job, he decided that any proceeds would be donated to Ben's fund. The charity was founded by Seahawks General Manager John Schneider and his wife Traci, in partnership with Families for Effective Autism Treatment. So far, Hawkblogger has donated more than $50,000 for the charity. 

Best Instagrammer: @Veekster

Victoria Wright, the photographer behind the @Veekster handle, is a professional commercial photographer. Wright says that for as long as she can remember, she's had a camera with her. Wright specializes in Lifestyle and Landscape Photography. 




"It's a part of what I document naturally," said Wright. "It's what I want to remember day to day. Whether it's the people I'm with or what I'm doing or just capturing a space and people in their space. Remembering that for me, it's really important. It's like a personal journal. And Landscapes are fun, and beautiful, and inspiring and its where I spend a lot of my time. I want to be outside and I want to be outside with people so it all fits in well together."




Wright started her @Veekster Instagram account in 2012, and at that time mostly featured mobile phone snaps of her day-to-day life. Now her photos are a mix from various digital and film cameras, and she treats her Instagram account as a portfolio. 

"Most of my clients, when I ask them how they found me, it's through either links or articles about my Instagram, or they found me through my actual account."

But Wright says Instagram has done more than just open doors of opportunity. Through it, she's been able to connect with a community of people all over the world.



"It's been really incredible meeting so many people who are passionate and love what I do," said Wright. "But we all have a different eye, and how we see the world and different styles. Coming together and enjoying that community and becoming really good friends with some of these people goes much more beyond the photo."






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