Class up your Bathroom with a Cast Iron Bathtub

A shower is how most of us start our morning. Stepping into some steaming hot water cleans us off, and wakes us up. It can set the tone for the rest of the day. So instead of stepping into a chipped, shallow, subpar tub, why not step into long lasting luxury?

Cast Iron Bathtub- Durability

Cast iron bathtubs almost all come with a lifetime warranty. That’s because they’re heavy duty tubs, that take some serious effort to damage. And even if you do drop a heavy hammer in the tub and chip it, cast iron is easy and inexpensive to repair, South West Plumbing can help you out! It’s not just durability that makes cast iron tubs the best choice for homeowners however.

Cast Iron Bathtub- Style

The most popular cast iron bathtub shape by far, is the clawfoot tub, and who doesn’t love the look of a clawfoot tub? Those beauties make any bathroom feel regal. They’re also most often deep and long for the ultimate bathing experience. If clawfoot is not your thing, and you’re looking for something more modern, the second most common and easy to find cast iron shape is the square tub. Square cast iron tubs also tend to be deep, making them a perfect shower sanctuary, cocooning you in their warmth. Cast iron tubs are covered in a thick, often glossy enamel, and can often be painted any color you desire, making them an ideal fit for a stylish remodel.

The Cast Iron Effect

Cast iron tubs have been around forever. So it’s only fitting that they have their own, verifiable legend. The cast iron effect is this: if you pour a scalding hot bath, cast iron tubs will immediately cool the water to a more pleasant temperature by absorbing all the heat into the cast iron. The hot cast iron then works to insulate the more pleasantly cool temp, and helps your bath last longer. The insulating factor also helps with showers, avoiding the dreaded cold legs in the shower scenario.

So if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, consider a cast iron bathtub! Cast iron is long lasting, has all the looks, and makes for some pretty incredible showers and baths. But before you haul one of those heavy tubs home, call South West Plumbing. The professional plumbers will help assess your bathroom, and help you get your cast iron bathtub installed without breaking your bathroom floor. 

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