Swine flu is changing behaviors



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Posted on October 26, 2009 at 3:21 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 26 at 6:27 PM

At the Paradise Restaurant, they're serving up more than breakfast these days. The most popular side may be sanitizer.

In a place where a lot of hands touch a lot of things, stopping the spread of swine flu is the special of the day.

You might not even realize how much you're thinking about H1N1 swine flu until someone tries to shake your hand.

A new poll from com Psych Corp. shows more than 70 percent of workers surveyed have changed their behavior because of swine flu. But it's not just in the workplace

At many churches, communion is now given into hands.

Schools have dropped their perfect attendance awards, preferring that sick students stay home.

"There are probably more important things to consider than perfect attendance," said St. Louis Superintendent Tom Guenzler.

Vitamin sales have jumped with the flu fears.

Back at the paradise, even giving out Halloween candy is has changed. No helping yourself anymore.

It's a scary thought as the spread of the swine flu changes the way many people live.

The recommended new handshake is a forearm bump, which can also be used instead of a hug.