3 home gyms at 3 price points - Gym #3

3 home gyms at 3 price points - Gym #3

Credit: KING / Caitlin Murphy

3 home gyms at 3 price points - Gym #3


by CAITLIN MURPHY / Special contributor to KING 5


Posted on March 27, 2013 at 3:17 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 24 at 5:35 AM

Gym #3 Total = $475

1.    Resistance Bands with handles ($20)
2.    Pedometer ($10)
3.    Exercise Mat ($20)
4.    Dumbbells: 2 sets: 5s and 10s ($40)
5.    Stability Ball ($20)
6.    Jump rope ($10)
7.    BOSU Ball ($120)
8.    Medicine Ball ($25)
9.    Foam Roller ($10)
10.  TRX Suspension Training System ($200)

To make your home gym workouts more challenging, add a BOSU Ball, Medicine Ball,  Foam Roller and a TRX Suspension Training System.

BOSU Ball: This half-ball with a platform on one side incorporates stability training into your workout and makes every exercise more challenging. Stand on the dome side for shoulder presses and bicep curls, use the dome side for step-ups, and sit on the BOSU for abdominal work. 

Medicine Ball: Changing the type of resistance you use keeps your workouts fresh and your body guessing, meaning you continue to see results. Medicine balls look like a weighted basketball and come in an array weight from 1 to 12 lbs. Use a medicine ball in place of dumbbells for a variety of strength training exercises and you will engage your core muscles with every move.

Foam Roller: With all this exercise, chances are you are going to get sore, so a foam roller will be your new best friend.  Massage sore muscles, improve your flexibility and speed up recovery with this foam cylinder. Working out builds fascia in the muscles, which can create knots over time, so foam rolling is essential for keeping the muscles loose and pain-free.

TRX Suspension Trainer:  The TRX is one of the most popular fitness tools on the market, and professional athletes like Drew Brees, Olympians like Natalie Coughlin and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez swear by it. Oh yeah, it was also developed for the Navy Seals.

Attach the TRX to a high anchor point (like a sturdy door) and use the two straps and handles with your hands or feet to suspend yourself partially in the air. That’s where your body weight and gravity kick in, and the workout begins. The TRX allow you to do thousands of gym quality exercises like back rows, chest presses, squats, lunges, and triceps extensions at home, then it folds up into a small bag making it easy to store. To learn more about how the TRX works, you can check out the TRX Training website.

So whether your budget is $50 or closer to $500, each of these three home gyms features the tools necessary to get you gym quality results in your living room. Plus, having a home gym helps excuse-proof your fitness routine, since it makes working out more convenient. For added motivation (and to make sure your new home gym doesn’t collect dust) invite a friend over to workout with you, set a time to work out with your family, or get your sweat on which watching your favorite TV show each night.