Ways to seek second medical opinions online


by KING 5 HealthLink


Posted on April 25, 2014 at 6:16 PM

When Ella Jakobi was told she would need back surgery, the busy fashionista worried about how she would cope.

“I thought I was going to be like an old woman, just shuffling around,” she said.

Her doctor said she would need at least four months to recover and warned her of potential mobility issues. After receiving her diagnosis she decided to turn to the web for more information.

That’s where she found SecondOpinons.com.

"Medical errors are now considered to be the third leading cause of death," said the founder and CEO of SecondOpinons.com, Michael Yuz, MD. "Up to 400,000 patients die in the United States alone from preventable medical errors."

Other online medical consultation services include Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic’s MyConsult program. Each allows you to upload medical images and connect with board certified physicians.

Yuz said that about half the time his team provides a diagnosis that is sometimes substantially different from the original. This was the case for Jakobi when a neuroradiologist and neurosurgeon reviewed her case.

"She is definitely not a surgical candidate, although she was told that she would be crippled unless she gets the surgery," said Yuz. 

Jakobi called SecondOpinions.com a "life-changer." She is now following a strict exercise plan and feeling better.

SecondOpinons.com charges range from $20 to $350 depending on the consultation. Rates are higher for online consultation with Johns Hopkins or the Cleveland Clinic. Insurance does not cover these services.