Breakfast, lunch and dinner made with quinoa


by JEAN ENERSEN / KING 5 HealthLink

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Posted on May 17, 2013 at 5:55 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 6:45 AM

You've heard all the benefits of eating super foods - how they help prevent everything from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. But many still don't know how to fix them, let alone pronounce the name. Jean takes on the ancient Incan grain quinoa to make a day of meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cooked Quinoa
Greek Yogurt
Fresh or Dried Berries
Cook quinoa following package directions, add the yogurt and berries and stir together for a delicious nutritious lunch.
Cooked Quinoa
Scallions (green onions) chopped
Dried Apricots (or other fruit) chopped
Cook quinoa following package directions, add chopped scallions, chopped dried apricots and sprinkle with turmeric then stir everything together and enjoy.
Cooked Quinoa
Portobello Mushrooms sautéed (you can follow my Portobello Mushroom recipe listed here in the Healthy Dish section)
Chicken Broth (low sodium)
Add chopped sautéed mushrooms to cooked quinoa and just enough chicken broth to moisten. Stir everything together for a super food dinner.



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