Celebrity endorsements and child eating




Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:21 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 9 at 10:29 AM

When Peyton Manning advertises a pizza at halftime, are you more likely to eat it? Does what LeBron James says about fast food change what your child eats? Has Serena Williams changed your love for Oreos? Research shows that celebrity endorsements work and may potentially change our thinking about food.

Advertising Changes Choice

•    One 30-second commercial can influence brand preferences for a 2-year-old
•    Endorsements appear online, magazines, & TV
•    Billions spent on marketing to children
•    Over 90 percent of food advertised is high-fat, low nutrition
Pediatrics Study on Celebrity Endorsement

•    Study evaluated top 100 athletes and their endorsements
•    Nearly 80 percent of products advertised were unhealthy
•    Ninety percent of beverages endorsed were exclusively “sugary”
•    One-quarter of top selling brands have top athlete endorsement
•    Peyton Manning, Serena Williams and LeBron James have huge contracts
What Parents Need To Know

•    Celebrity endorsements may change what your child eats
•    Research shows celebrities change perception of food healthiness
•    Sports drinks and soda have biggest number of endorsements
•    Water is only beverage necessary for sports


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