Top wellness tools for 2014


by New Day Producers

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 3:54 PM

Getting fit in the new year can be tricky when it comes to choosing from a variety of new weight loss products.

Nutritionist Deborah Enos, also known as "The One-Minute Wellness Coach," is here to help narrow the search and talk about her favorite gizmos, gadgets and weight loss tools of the new year.

The tools she highlights include Brooks running shoes, Fit Bit Force, keeping a food log and Barleans Fish Oil.

Here are Deborah's tips for living healthier in 2014:

When I was overweight, I loved making January 1st weight loss resolutions. It was a fresh start, another chance to lose the weight and improve my health.

I worked full time so I was always looking for the weight loss “quick fix”. Even though I knew there was no such thing as both fast and permanent weight loss.

I finally did improve my health and lose the weight. For me, simple lifestyle changes helped me to:

•Lose 25 pounds and keep it off for the last 12 years.

•Lower my cholesterol (240 down to 186).

•Improve my daily mood, attitude and sleeping habits.

•Strengthen my immune system.

•Dramatically increase my energy.

•Cut back on sugar and carbs!

Well things have changed with our technology so I have found some new gadgets (mixed with some old school items) that help me to maintain my health, energy and weight.


Here’s the deal, all the healthy eating the in the world won’t help you to maintain your health and your weight unless you are moving your bod.

Studies also show that exercisers feel more satisfied and stayed fuller longer (for several hours) after eating when compared to non-exercisers. The more full you feel, the less you will want to overeat during the day. An extra 10 minutes of daily walking will burn almost 5lbs of fat a year! It really does pay to park your car in the farthest space from the store!

1.Exercisers felt hungrier in the morning – This is a good thing!

2.Exercisers felt fuller longer (for hours) eating the same amounts of food they ate before they began the exercise program (exercisers don’t have to eat more food to feel satisfied).

3.Exercise helps you to do a better job of gauging when you are full.

The Brooks model shown on the show and Deborah's favorite are called Transcend

High Tech: My favorite new gadget, THE FITBIT!

I wish I had invented this. Not only does it keep track of your steps, it can wake you with a gentle vibrating alarm (this is so helpful in reducing stress eating), shows calories burned, floors climbed and it will gently vibrate when you meet your daily goals.

Now I have to say that I’m a pretty motivated person. While I don’t love to exercise, I do it consistently 4-5 times a week just because I’ve been exercising for so many years. But I have to say that this little device motivated me to be more active during my workday. It’s amazing the amount of calories you can burn during your workday and now I can keep track.

Old School: Keep a food log.

Studies show that people, who write down what they eat, lose twice as much weight as those who don’t keep track.

Talk about your exercise program. If I want to make sure I exercise, I have to tell myself I’m going to do it. There is power in your confession. Throughout the day remind yourself when and where you’re going to work out. This may seem weird, but, I always follow through with my plan.

Buy a journal or download an app for your phone and start writing down what you eat, even if it is just a couple of days a week. Also, talk to yourself about your exercise program. Most of us are only thinking about how much we don’t like exercise, but I challenge you to turn those thoughts into positive action statements.


Ok, kind of confusing that I included fat (fish or flax oils from Barleans) in my favorite weight loss/health gadgets of 2014. But here’s the deal: FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY. Study after study shows that people who consume more healthy fats (not fat from scones or muffins or bacon, hehe) lose the most weight and keep it off. While I do eat healthy fats during my day, for example: avocados, flaxseed, salmon & nuts/seeds, I don’t eat enough of these items on a daily basis. That’s where supplementation comes in. I add some Barleans healthy oils to my smoothie or sometimes I just shoot it right into my mouth after a meal. I find that the sweet fruit flavoring actually helps to kill my after meal sweet tooth.