'Shop 5 for Your Health' with Deb Enos


by New Day Producers


Posted on September 17, 2013 at 12:05 PM

Do you ever get stuck when it comes to grocery shopping and grab whatever looks good at the time? Today New Day’s “Shop 5 for Your Health” series with Deborah Enos continues to give helpful tips to maintain an efficient and healthy grocery list.


1.       Frozen Berries

·         Add to oatmeal: it adds a huge antioxidant hit and the liquid that is a part of the frozen berries helps to keep your oats from being too thick.

·         Add to your morning smoothie

2.       Healthy Greens, a combo of Eat Smart’s Sweet Kale Salad and Spinach

·         My easy & on the go work lunch

·         I add frozen spinach to my morning smoothie

3.       Greek Yogurt

·         Add to a smoothie to increase the protein content, helping to keep you fuller, longer.

·         Make a Breakfast parfait when you combine it with fresh fruit & Kind Gluten Free Granola

4.       Kind Gluten Free Granola

·         I use it to kill my late night sweet tooth. Here’s how:  I chop a piece of fruit, add a Tbsp of dark chocolate chips and a sprinkle of Kind Granola-yumo!

·         I also use it to make my Breakfast Parfait

5.       Barlean’s brand of Fish Oil and Flaxseed Oil

·         I add it to my morning smoothie for an added nutritional boost

·        I use the Omega Swirl To-Go as a super convenient (and yummy!) was to take my omegas at work or while traveling.


High Energy Breakfast Parfait:

·         Take a clear glass an add a layer (about 2 Tbsp.) of Greek Yogurt

·         Add the next layer, chopped fresh fruit

·         Add the final layer, about 2 Tbsp of Kind Granola

·         Repeat and EAT!

~if taking to work, bring the granola in a separate container and add right before you eat.


Start Your Day Right Breakfast Smoothie:

·         Add 1 cup of spinach to your blender

·         Add 1 cup of fluid, either water or milk. I actually use Coconut Milk

·         Blend until spinach is pureed

·         Add two cups of frozen berries

·         ¾ cup of Greek Yogurt

·         Two Tbsp. of Fruit Flavored Barlean’s Fish or Flaxseed oil.

·         Blend until desired smoothness is reached.

Serves two with a bit leftover.


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