Chef Bobby Moore and his wife cook up whiskey-caramel apple crepes


by New Day Producers

Posted on February 15, 2013 at 1:33 PM

There's always something special about cooking with friends and loved ones, and throughout February, Willows Lodge is hosting a series of Cooking with your Sweetheart classes.

Chef Bobby Moore from Barking Frog Restaurant, and his wife Michelle show us how to make a crepe called "The Local." They just opened a new on-site creperie called Fireside Cellars Café at the Willows Lodge.

There are two more Cooking with your Sweetheart classes coming up. The classes are FREE but space is limited so get there early. These classes are on February 20th & 27th from 5:30pm-6:30pm

For more information on the Cooking with your Sweetheart classes and on the Fireside Cellars Cafe visit their website.


Caramelized Apples
2 lbs. sugar                       
2 oz. glucose                       
12 oz. apple juice       
3 – vanilla beans split & seeds scraped
12 –apples (Granny Smith)

Peel and core apples. Cut into wedges. Combine vanilla beans, apples and juice. Wet sugar and glucose. Cook to medium caramel. Pour apple mixture into caramel once it reaches medium to stop cooking. Continue to cook until apples are tender. (If you want them to be whiskey apples, replace 4 oz. of juice with whiskey).

Whiskey Caramel

1 1/8 c.whiskey                   
1 c. cream                   
2 ¾ c.sugar
¼ c.glucose                           
heavy pinch salt
2 – Tbl. butter

Wet sugar – add glucose. Cook to medium caramel. Warm cream and whiskey separately in microwave. (Whiskey will curdle milk if together). Once caramel is light brown, add liquid to stop cooking. Whisk in salt and butter. Let cool.