Burglar steals banana bread from Auburn restaurant



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Posted on September 27, 2012 at 6:01 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 27 at 6:31 PM

AUBURN, Wash. -- It's a local favorite in Auburn that serves up hospitality with a healthy helping of food.

"We know the difference between being good and being really great is doing something a little bit extra,” said restaurant owner Bruce Alverson.

But something is so good here at the Sun Break Café, that someone broke in to get it.

"We know that grown men have been known to cry,” said Alverson. “Honest to goodness, it's that good.”

"It's awesome, really truly good,” said regular customer Terry Martinson.

Early one morning last week, a burglar ripped the front door off its hinges. With the cash register empty and the alarm blaring, the thief grabbed the hottest thing out of the oven -- and on the menu.

"They took something better than cash. They took the banana bread,” said Alberson.

Making bread from bad bananas, the cafe's owner turned a violating crime into a clever marketing campaign by posting a simple sign over the broken door.

“Our banana bread is sooo good, they broke into get some!” says the sign.

"I can see the billboards already. So good you'll tear the door off,” said one customer.

The Sun Break Café actually gives the bread to its customers as a complimentary side dish if they order a breakfast entrée.

Alverson still laments the damage the thief did to the door.

"I wish I'd have known I would have left it sitting outside the door for them with a napkin,” he said.

That's why the banana bread sits right by the register. So customers can grab one on their way out, instead of the half baked idea of breaking in to get it.