Where you can drive fast and never get a ticket

Canada's only all-season racetrack is an exclusive members only club.

COWICHAN, BC -- Think of it as a country club for car lovers.

At Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, drivers can take a spin around Canada’s only all-season track.

"People with a dream of owning a performance car have nowhere to go," Says Peter Trzewik, co-owner of the track. "We created a playground for those people to experience what they purchased."

But don't gas up and go just yet. The track located about an hour north of Victoria BC is for members only. So if you want to play, you must pay.

 "They get a very, very exclusive, private facility. And they get a facility that they get to enjoy and they can become the drive they want to be." Said Trzewik.

The membership gives drivers full access to the nearly one and a half mile, 19-turn road course created by one of the world's most renowned formula one racetrack designers.

Drivers are monitored at all times. And if you want, you can have your laps scrutinized by a real racing expert.

"A coach can look at your print out and look at your performance lap today and he can say where you made mistakes, where you could have gone on the gas a little earlier or brake a little later."

Local and former race car driver Peter Baljet was one of the first to sign up.

"Instead of clubs and bat and balls you use cars." Said Baljet.

Baljet put professional driving in the rearview mirror long ago. But the new track has those old racing feelings roaring back.

“Driving a car fast is a rewarding experience. It’s much like that 320-yard drive. It really feels good."

So if you feel the need for speed, this is one place you're guaranteed not to get pulled over.

"If you have a passion for driving fast and you don't want to be checking in your mirror for blue lights, this is a great place to come." Said Baljet


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