Seattle's Selfie exhibit

Photo Center Northwest examines the selfie trend.

What does this epidemic of selfies say about our culture and what does each selfie say about the person starring in their own shot? Those are some of the question you'll be asking yourself when you visit the Photo Center Northwest's exhibit "Me and My Selfie".

"Part of our fascination with selfies is how we represent ourselves," says Executive Director Michelle Dunn Marsh." So you can create a selfie when you're lonely. You can create a selfie when you're with a group of people. It can really capture a range of expressions, of emotions,and it's also proof of an experience that you're having of a place you've been, a group of people that you're enjoying time with."

No framed images here. The exhibit displays its 300 selfies on phones and tablets. The exhibit begins September 10 and runs through October 31.


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