Seattle radio host hobby has people buzzing

Seattle radio host hobby has people buzzing


His voice is heard by tens of thousands on 97.3 KIRO FM. As half the team of the Ron and Don Show, Ron Upshaw has been informing and entertaining the Seattle radio waves for years.

But while his day job is to hold listeners captivated, he's also holding thousands captive as a hobby too.

Upshaw says, "It's funny if I go to a party and people find out that A, I'm Ron from the radio and, B, I'm a beekeeper, ninety percent of the questions are about bees."

Ron says his background with bees began when his wife wanted to move to the country.

"I had a condo on Lake Union and she was like I don't want to live in the city lets live in the country and I was like ok you're in love you do stupid things. So I move out to the country and pretty shortly after that I need to come up with a hobby." Said Upshaw.

His brother suggested he should give beekeeping a try.

"So I took a class and found it really interesting and jumped in and got a couple of hives."

Many hives and countless bees later, Ron was hooked.

"You need to have a relative calm domineer there are times you are going to get stung. A couple of times a season you get stung." Upshaw says. "When you get that jar of honey, it's a pound of honey, it's like these bees landed on two million flowers to produce this one pound of honey and that has sort of a satisfaction not a lot of things do."

But what Ron didn't find satisfying was the lack of any quality visual aids on how to raise the little guys.

Upshaw said, "And a buddy of mine was like you need to quiet complaining. If you want a DVD why

don't you make it? You're Mr. Radio."

So he did.

"Next thing you know we've sold thousands of DVD's and that was shocking to me how can there be so many people interested in bee keeping it's become the bestselling DVD on the market." Upshaw said.

Now he's putting his beekeeping knowledge online too.

"Right now we've launched and we have 13 hours plus of instructional

material for beginning bee keepers and so far it's been going really well." Upshaw continued.

Ron never expected his hobby to take off the way it has, but he's more than happy to spread the word about these amazing creatures.

"The importance of bees cannot be understated as the chef pollinator for human food. 1/3rd of everything we eat is pollinated by a bee." Said Upshaw.

So while radio may be Ron Upshaw's bread and butter, his hobby that gives him his biggest buzz.



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