Seattle photographer is an Instagram star

Playing with food pays off for Brittany Wright

SEATTLE - A funny thing happened when Seattle free-lance photographer Brittany Wright decided to learn how to cook. As she began bringing home fresh fruits and vegetables, she started seeing things and seeing colors.

"And I in turn realized that other people didn't see that." says Wright. "They just see carrots or they just see potatoes. So I just started showcasing that beauty that I saw in my own way."

By playing with her food, Wright has become an Instagram celebrity with more than 109-thousand followers all dazzled by her very orderly, often rainbow like photos.









"I've always been really drawn to color my entire life," says Wright. "For me, it's like really emotional so with each color I'll feel something different. It's a really powerful thing for me so it's fun to play with, I guess."

She describes her art as food gradients. Each shot has a pattern that pleases the eye. From a photo of raspberries purchased at Remlinger Farms to one of bread toasted to various degrees.

She picks up most of her food subjects at local farmers markets and then spends minutes, even hours, arranging the fruits and vegetables for a photo.

"The first thing I think about is the flow.The flow of the photograph as far as the colors."

Her aim goes beyond pleasing pictures.She wants to make an impact.

"I tell people I'm trying to like re-brand vegetables and fruits and make people excited to eat them as much as the other foods which aren't good for us. And I figure if I can make it look appealing specifically to children, that's big to me.That's huge."

Of all the messages she's received from her more than 100-thousand followers, Brittany is happiest to hear she's inspired people to eat better.

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