NW Gouda Goddess makes award winning cheese

NW Gouda Goddess makes award winning cheese

CHEHALIS, Wash. -- Dublin born Lisa Jacobs left a potential law career in 2006 to become a cheese maker. When Evening Magazine visited, she was waxing the rinds on Gouda that just won an award from The American Cheese Society.

"The wheels generally age anywhere between 4 and 6 months before I like to send them out.." Jacobs explained as she applied the yellow coating.

All Jacobs Creamery cheeses are made with milk from grass fed local cows. And, some other extra special ingredients:

"I use unicorn powder," Jacobs joked. "It's a very very secret ingredient, and you can't tell anybody about at all."

Okay, mystical animal lovers. Lisa doesn't really use unicorn powder. but she does say a little bit of herself goes into each round she makes.

"I think that they absorb their environment, so I give them love poems every week too. when I flip them.."

Jacobs isn't just chatting with her cheese: Being a solo cheese maker is hard work.

"It's a little magical, and it's also very scientific," said Jacobs, going on to explain that temperature control, humidity control and cleanliness are all important parts of the equation.

When PCC Natural Markets started selling her handmade cheeses in their stores three years ago, it was a big help:

"PCC supports local businesses like mine." Jacobs said.

The stores carry Jacobs Creamery Gouda, a soft rind cheese called 'Bloomy' and cultured butter that's been described as 'heaven spread on bread'.

"It's been amazing, it's been really amazing for my business, and it's been an opportunity to get all my product out to all the people in the Seattle area," said Jacobs.

"I'm so thankful for that relationship, and feel really lucky."

PCC;'s Chef Lynne Vea sampled some cheese after helping out with waxing some rounds, and discovered that Jacobs Creamery Gouda has a rich, butterscotch taste. And that's a better reward than all you can eat artisan cheese for Lisa Jacobs:

"A little bit of me goes into each batch, and when people say "I really love this", it's wonderful!"

Jacobs Creamery products are available at all PCC Natural Markets.


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